View Full Version : FreeOnes Board Username

2005-02-07, 14:39
Your Freeones Board username has been saved, now get some points by posting on our board.
When you reach your first 100 posts you automatically will get 500 points!
Go to the board

and when i do that it says invalid password

i took a new password
but i can only enter the boards when i sign in directly on the board but not through myfreeones

what can i do to solve this problem

2005-02-11, 16:23
send a PM to super-moderator Marie to fix it

2005-02-12, 06:23
super-moderator MarieSigh..... I love that title... LOL

Yeah Redshark, PM, or email me at marie@freeones.com and I'll replace your password again or so, to solve this.