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2005-02-02, 17:03
Where can I find the rules for the board? A couple of the pics I posted were deleted. Need to know what I'm doing wrong. :helpme:

2005-02-02, 17:07
You can find all the answers to your questions here :


2005-02-02, 17:12
Thanx alot for the help Dice.

2005-02-02, 18:35

It would also be wise to familiarize yourself with this thread as well...


2005-02-02, 19:07
Indeed QBall Thank-you

2005-02-02, 19:19
No problem at all, holdol...

I'll keep looking for other important information and will post any relevant threads here for you.


2005-02-03, 14:59
Youre welcome Holdol :hatsoff:

2005-02-07, 16:57
How on earth can you justify Jennie being allowed to stay at Freeones after her outburst attacking good friends of mine the other night?? If it was anyone else, they would be GONE!! She broke every rule going here, and all she does is spam her damned amateur board looking for fame! I tried to post this once but a moderator who is obviously a bit two faced about following the rules decided to delete it. Jennie broker the rules, offended long term, and more respected, members, and should be banned IMMEDIATELY!

Rules dont apply to Jennie!!

2005-02-07, 17:05
where did all this ahppen like what the hell have i missed??
link pls

2005-02-07, 17:12
I looked at threads with this Jennie in them.

She`s butt ugly!

She is a wannabe.

Who the hell crawls to websites to be noticed??

i mean come on!! :hi:

2005-02-07, 17:14
now u made me happy .... can feel the power of LR :D... :rofl2:

2005-02-07, 17:18
feel what power??

I think you aint a nice looking girl,thats all and i dont like the way u go about on this board trying to promote yourself.

You should be doing it the way other models do so :)

2005-02-07, 17:24
well I just feel sorry for u and thats all.... Rich;)

2005-02-07, 17:25
now u made me happy .... can feel the power of LR :D... :rofl2:

scuse me, LR here

luminar is not me thank u v much - christ people should check IPs before they rant - i cant post anywhere but here no more

sucks huh

2005-02-07, 17:25
why u feel sorry?