View Full Version : question about myfreeones points

2005-01-27, 17:02
when you hit 100 posts, do the points automatically get put in your myfreeones account? is there a wait? im just asking because last night i hit 100 posts and i never got my 500 points. thank you for helping me :helpme:

2005-01-27, 17:13
It was a day or 2 after I hit post 100 that I got mine. Still havent used them though

2005-02-09, 09:44
I have anohter question: will I have to use the same nick on the board as on MyFreeones, or how does it work?

2005-02-09, 16:49
you can use the same nick in MyFreeones like in here

2005-02-10, 14:16
Well, I made my MyFreeones account before I came to the forums. Do I have to start gettimg points all over again? I can't log in with my MyFreeones account on the boards.

2005-02-10, 14:41
Don't worry about it Tier! Send me a message at marie@freeones.com or a PM and I'll link the two together. Be sure to include your myfreeones username!

2005-02-14, 19:07
I also have a question about the points. How do you use the points?

2005-02-15, 02:48
I also have a question about the points. How do you use the points?Log in to your account, and click "points". Then click the sublink "bought galleries" and then the last link "buy your galleries here".

At this moment we're still working on the MyFreeones system, so you can only buy galleries atm and the navigation may not be the easiest.

Feel free to send all your complaints and suggestions by PM to me!

2005-02-28, 20:48
its been 5 days since my 100 posts and still no points? whats up?