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2008-11-06, 14:47
You love politics? You should come live in Montréal.

We had, in Canada, federal elections few months ago...
We had, in United States, federal elections few days ago...
Yesterday morning, Jean Charest, the current Prime Minister of the province of Québec set off provincial election...

Here are the 4 main parties and candidates for those interrested:

Former Prime Minister Jean Charest, Parti Liberal (Liberal Party), Center-Left.
Pauline Marois, Parti Québecois (Québecois Party), Left leaning toward socialsm, independantists.
Mario Dumont, Alliance Démocratique du Québec, (Democratic Québec Alliance), Center-Right but uniting all right-wing allegiances.
Françoise David & Amir Khadir, Québec Solidaire (Soldarity Québec), Socialists, independantists.

Traditionnally, the Province of Québec is divided by the independance question regarding the Canada. We are deeply divided on the question (last referedum had less than a 40,000 voice margin in favor of our stay within Canada).

Liberals are well in chair and should win the election easily. The challenge will be to be able to take control over the Parliament with a majority of candidates elected.

The right-wing formed the official opposition last time under Mario Dumont but the support they gather is melting like snow at summer.

The Independantists were in the same situation as the right-wing last election but they are regaining popularity. Enough to re-take the official opposition status over right-wingers, relegating the later to a 3rd party status.

The far left-wing union under a bicephale chief formed of a man and a lady havent been able to get a representant elected at last election even if they scored a respectable 8ish percent support. We might see one or two of them in the next Parliament.

Economy is at center of debates. Each one have a different plan to counter the recession that havent really affected our Province yet. 5 Billions over 4 years to support quebecker middle-weight buisness (Liberal), 600Millions over 4 years to fight poverty (Québecois Party), privatisation of Hydro-Québec and using the money to pay parts of the Province debt (Democratic Alliance).

So basically, the real question for quebeckers in the current election is where do we want our money put... As we are already the most taxed citizens in America, its a very personnal question for each one of us.

2008-11-06, 15:09
4 main parties. What an idea!

My sense of all things Canadian is that they are a lot less superficial and don't cater to a lot of corrupt politics and special interest groups.

This is the time of year Canadians hit the road and move to sunny Florida for the winter.

2008-11-06, 15:21
This is the time of year Canadians hit the road and move to sunny Florida for the winter.

We call them Snow Birds :D

Our current Federal Parliament is also made of 4 parties by the way. :)

2009-09-03, 21:51
cicciolina (http://images.google.com/images?q=cicciolina&hl=en&ned=us&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi)

2009-09-04, 06:52
Canadian politics, lol.

Er . . . they wouldn't happen to have a Kenyan with a fake Canadian birth certificate who once elected will put into motion - along with the Canadian equivalent of the Rockefeller family and the Reptilian shape shifters - their Marxist, socialist, Fascist agenda, would they? All this talk of his American cousin is really starting to become a bore...

*I know it's an old thread but I didn't bump it so go fuck yourselves* ;)

2009-09-07, 22:26
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