View Full Version : i think that it takes too long time to wait for seeing pics uploaded

2003-08-31, 03:58
hi dear moderator

i always check the size of my pics but yesterday i sent some pics and they never happened other have happened at end but i had to wait 4 hours!

i want to share with you as well as with the other members my beloved links & pics but if it doesn't work correctely i can't do it

It is pityful and i can't share with you what i and you with the other people like. :(

i hope may you solve the problem.

thanking you in advance for your help



2003-08-31, 04:44
Alot of times its because either they are copyrighted or they are simply too big to post on the threads, I am sure it is nothing personal towards us, I myself have had many pics not post up, but youhave to abide by the rules on here. We would hate for them to close down this board, I know I would. Peace

2003-08-31, 04:47
hi scorpion and hi moderator

i only have posted two pics that belonged to veronica zemanovas website maybe have i done a mistake:confused:

thanks to let me know



2003-08-31, 05:54
Just be patient man

2003-08-31, 07:34
you are right raul patience is a keyword in our society despite i am very impatient and quick person. so i will wait.because the pics i sent were of first class quality

2003-08-31, 11:08
Right now there are no new pictures in the que anymore. If your pictures are still not posted then they have probably been deleted because of copyrights. We hope to have some improvements soon, like having a message in each (picture) post saying "Your attached picture will be reviewed soon". Because some people don't know that all pictures are being reviewed first before they get posted. Another thing we would like to have is a message informing the poster that the picture didn't qualify the rules and therefore won't be posted.

2003-08-31, 11:17
don't worry freeones after having waited long enough they have uploaded finally. do you have received my message for becoming a mod.

thanks for your precious help and for your answer