View Full Version : Am I too dumb to edit my posts

2008-07-17, 09:18
Hi, every time I try to edit my post when I click for the first time on the edit button, there comes an animation but then nothing happens. When I click it again the board says "Invalid Post specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator".

Please delete my two posts in this irena thread I will post them again.


EDIT: Hm here I can edit my posts. And in this other thread I now even don't have an edit button anymore oO

2008-07-17, 11:23
New member's post must be approved by a Moderator before they appear on the board. So when you tried to edit your post, you were essentially trying to edit a post that didn't exist yet because it hadn't been approved.

The reason why you didn't have an edit button anymore is because members only have 10 minutes to edit a post. After that, you must notify a Moderator if you want a post edited.