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forgoten info
2003-08-21, 13:59
I just plain forgot my info cause i wasnt sober. Checked email to see if i saved a copy but didnt.***** I would PM some1 with my email addy but I cant cause not logged in.*******Dont need/want spam.

^That *** should b fixxed.

Suggestion: Make some1 the total "man" to PM and get ur info. It would save you some space and trouble. I am not sure if this board will allow you to do that or not. I dont think that if it is possible that it would b a "misused" thing. Cause the only people to PM you would b people just tryin to get their forgoten info.

The last part of my email : _42069@yahoo.com

Hope that little tid bit helps. Just plz email me the info.

forgoten info
2003-08-21, 14:00
Maybe a link to where u enter your email addy and it emails you your account info :)

2003-08-21, 17:43
Password retriever (http://board.freeones.com/member.php?action=lostpw)

forgoten info
2003-08-25, 00:57
Tried the link and it didn't work. I used both my email addresses to b sure.

In the top right corner says:"You last visited: 06-07-2003 07:56 AM."

Wow thats long time ago.

2003-08-25, 10:45
SOrry I can't find anythign at all of your account. Please resign up.