View Full Version : Can' post yet

2003-08-19, 22:24
Yes I am recently registered with the freeones bulletin board, I never recieved the e-mail to conform my membership. Can you help me on this? What do I need to do in order to begin posting? Someone please help me out

2003-08-20, 01:01
I would either e-mail or privet message Freeones here on the boards. He will get it fixed for you.

2003-08-20, 10:39
Your account is ready to go now :hatsoff:

2003-08-21, 06:44
Thank you Mr Administrator, you are a life saver and have been added to my X-mas list! :ban:

2003-08-30, 01:22
Same thing here, I never received an email confirmation either.

But oddly enough I did receive an email when I requested to change my password.

2003-09-18, 07:35
i registered over a week ago and can not post yet either. it's a little bit frustrating as i have so much topics to discuss.