View Full Version : Suze's Models from 1999

2004-10-05, 12:18
I am trying to find pictures of this beautiful blonde chick who poses these pictures by Suze Randall Comp. in 1999. I can't scan the image to show you what she look like; I had to do this by memory. She had big tits (Had a small black tattooed heart on the right breast), fine looking pussy, and wore a white top shirt bra and socks. I don't know her name, the month, or in any magazine.

Can you find naked chicks who had tattoos on their breasts?

El Presidante
2004-10-12, 09:49
How about Paizley Adams aka Cassidey Rae:


2004-10-15, 09:08
No! The one I am talking about had big boobs (one small black heart tattoo on the right breast).

Can I just send a copy through mail? Not e-mail, just mail it in. What is the Freeones street address? I can't scan the image.

2004-10-20, 09:07
I think therefore I had found her.

Is there ant pics of Porn star Julia Ann from 1999? Just solo or lesbo pics, no cocks!

Also post any new pics of her.