View Full Version : All Right, What just Happened?

2004-10-01, 13:29
Look I did not come here to disrespect anyone fropm this website like a jerk. Now that my usernames IAP 3000 and IAP DOG 3000 are gone, I hope that Senator Brownback and the Congress can pass this indecency bill to action.

I tried to be nice over here, but you guys don't understand the danger of this bill that targets anyone who puts sex language, or violence on TV, radio, and the internet. How dare you ban me for some stupid comments that I wrote telling y'all we're in danger.
My ass is :mad: now, or if you don't know what I said- I mean that I am mad at you for banning me bcause I support Howard Stern. Also I saying the word "******" makes you think I am White. . . Well guess what, I am not White but I can say it.

So answer me why I was ban from this website again. Next time this might be the Last Days of Porn if Brownback pass this bill to Congress. Thank you!

2004-10-01, 13:31
By the way, whatever I said to other users . . . I am sorry and I can't fix anything that is negative.