View Full Version : Hotmail, Microsoft email, and sbcglobal users, please check here!

2008-04-07, 01:53
Please note that if you are a hotmail, Microsoft email, or sbcglobal user and used this account to register to the boards, you will likely not recieve an activation email for your Freeones board account.

If you do not recieve an activation email, please send a message to webmaster@freeones.com so we can help you out. Please make sure you give us your login name (not password) in your email and tell us that it is for the message board. The same does go for your My Freeones account if you try signing up with any Microsoft related account.

Once your account is activated, please change your email to Yahoo, Gmail, or something non-Microsoft related if you want to recieve emails from us!

2009-03-18, 12:15
hi, I didnt get anactivation email this is my email address: