View Full Version : I am back, Thank God!

2004-09-07, 12:14
I wrote this on the Howard Stern's Bulletin Board: It's a Warning!

A week ago, I can't log on to this bulletin board because I am using the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) Computers. Whenever you see that damn Filter Notice shit, I got scared to see why would they scamed me with this shit. Every time I tried to press the "Unfiltered" button for Adults, they still blocked it. They do these to protect children from internet porn. I think they already drafted this fuckin' bill called the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA). But Thank God they bring back nudity today. All the kids should be at school right now. I am just warning you to not get cheated from the BPL.

2004-09-07, 17:51
WTF Asshole... Its a fucking library.

Get a life...

2004-09-10, 10:27
Fuck you too dumb-ass ******, I am broke.

2004-09-10, 10:54
racism is not tolerated on this board. Take this as a warning.