View Full Version : I am Sorry! . . . No Joke Y'all

2004-07-09, 12:51
I (Iap3000) want to say that I am so sorry for the way I acted and wrote about Sen. Brownback and other crap that all of you think it's offensive. I felt bad about last week about you made a choice to ban me for saying that Sen. Brownback was a racist. I want to continue finding chicks in this forum and I have changed my own user as Iap Dog 3000. I want to apologize for hating anyone who hate Howard Stern, that is your opinion to hate him and I can't bad mouthing or say anything aggressive to anything who thinks I am a racist. I am always a fan of Howard Stern. And that is my opinion. My ex-user name Iap3000 is no more but a faded memory. I am very sorry! Thank You!

2004-07-09, 12:55
Please Note that I will return for forgiveness and want to find porn chicks only. Thanks!