View Full Version : signing in

2004-05-21, 20:35
hey uh i cant sign in through the front page, ive been usin one of the pages that was sent to me by email, but id like to be able to go in the front way its much faster! please help me!

2004-05-22, 03:41
please, explain the problem. Need more details.

2004-05-22, 13:22
ok thanks for responding
if i try to type in http://my.freeones.com at the address bar at the top of my page it takes me to the my freeones front page where it has the login windows. i put in my user name and my password but it says that they are both invald, but as you can obviously see im part of teh board. for now i have been using one of the responses sent to my email to log in but i fugure using the front door would be easyier