View Full Version : Adding An Avatar To My Profile

2004-04-22, 10:56
I would like to add a picture avatar of the lovely Catalina Cruz to my Freeones profile. Can someone help me figure out how to do that puh-leeeeeeeasssseeeee? LOL!


Dean:hatsoff: :nanner: :eek:

2004-04-22, 15:56
Click PROFILE in the upper right

Click EDIT OPTIONS on the top of the next screen

Go to the bottom of that page and you will see the avatar area....easy instructions there...

Be sure that your image in a max size of 80x80!!

If you already knew that...then repost and I'll try and give you more help....:)

2004-04-22, 19:10
OK, all I have to do is find a pic of Catalina that is 80 x 80 or smaller, wish me luck, LOL!


2004-04-22, 19:26
OK, that's not necessarily one of my favorite pictures of her, but that was the best I could come up with that was 80 x 80 or smaller.


2004-04-22, 20:42
If you're not happy with that one, you can find a pic that's too large, but then crop an 80 x 80 segment of it, and use that as an avatar. For instance, a thumbnail pic of a woman's upper body will be much larger than 80 pixels, but if you zoom in on just her head it will usually be within the allowed size.

You probably already have something on your computer that can do this. Just click the Start button and Find Files / Folders with "photo editor" in the name. It's pretty easy to use!