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  1. Wars that Finland waged
  2. Copyright vs patent
  3. Cartoon with a message
  4. Republicans regain lead in latest generic congressional race poll
  5. Religious art
  6. There is only one Lord
  7. Who's Lazier: God Or Satan?
  8. The feminist movement
  9. Why Assari needs to stop flooding the board...
  10. 11 thing forbidden by God but that christians do anyway
  11. Political corruption map
  12. It's The Wages, Stupid
  13. And they say that tea party people arent racist
  14. Sorry, Obama, Millennials Are Disillusioned
  15. Falling Jobless Rate Masks Long-Term Unemployment Disaster
  16. Fox New's War on the Pope
  17. Achtung, baby: Tila Tequila has become a Nazi apologist.
  18. Budget Deal Announced By Patty Murray, Paul Ryan
  19. The Debt Default Could Really Happen
  20. Fixed Obamacare site still not secure, says hacker
  21. Obama suffered damage during first year of second term: Poll
  22. How to stick it to the poor: A congressional strategy
  23. Rosa Parks
  24. Senate Confirms Obama Nominee Under New Filibuster Rules, World Doesn't End
  25. Liar Waitress Fired For Great Justice
  26. South Africa Racist, Anti-Semetic, Misogynistic, Xenophobic, & Homophobic Against Deaf People
  27. Megyn Kelly: Jesus and Santa were white.
  28. congressman Paul Ryan-r and senator Patty Murray-d stab vets in the back
  29. John Boehner's Budget Outburst Shows Right-Wing Groups Have Jumped The Shark
  30. The Worthyness of a Wasted Vote
  31. Jang Song Thaek Executed
  32. Obama Jabs Putin, Picks Openly Gay Delegates For Winter Olympics In Russia
  33. North Korea press release generator
  34. Federal Employee Morale Hits Record Low
  35. The political triangle
  36. Utah Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down As Unconstitutional
  37. 33 Shocking Facts Which Show How Badly The Economy Has Tanked Since Obama Became President
  38. Spain bans abortion
  39. 15 Years in Jail for Twerking
  40. One month in jail for Possession of Soap
  41. Robot Police
  42. Not even 1 ou of 2 person trust clergy
  43. U.S. judge upholds NSA phone surveillance program
  44. MP's absence
  45. Republicans' belief in evolution plummets, poll reveals
  46. US the biggest threat to world peace in 2013 – poll
  47. U.S. judge asks: Why haven't the financial executives been prosecuted? http://www.latimes.com/busin
  48. Fish lover goes to jail
  49. MSNBC host Perry-Harris should be fired
  50. Priest Formerly Convicted In Sex Scandal, Released - Church Pays Bail
  51. U.S. waived laws to keep F-35 on track with China-made parts
  52. If you think Obama's a socialist...
  53. Al-Qaeda-linked force captures Fallujah ? That ain't good.
  54. Simple question: Are you happy with the direction of the country (U.S.)?
  55. Chicago Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Judge
  56. Meet the "new" me: Rey C., Inc.
  57. Kiss Chris Christie Goodbye As A Presidential Pick
  58. White House Dares Democratic Senators Pushing Iran Sanctions To Admit They Want War
  59. Congresswomen Pen Stinging Memo To House GOP
  60. Great News. Unemployment is way down!
  61. Rest in Peace, Ariel Sharon
  62. Robert Gates: Obama Only Showed Passion For Military On Leaks, 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'
  63. French President's Girlfriend Hospitalized After Reports of Another Woman
  64. Even the most responsible gun-owners can snap...
  65. Gov. Cuomo: Pro-life, pro-gun conservatives ‘have no place’ in New York
  66. Trump says weighing run for POTUS in 2016
  67. Education: Longer school day and calendar.
  68. I demand respect for my state! Our governor is more corrupt than yours!!!
  69. ‘Obama’ filmmaker charged in NY in campaign fraud
  70. Whats Up with Rand Pauls hair?
  71. The Perfect World?
  72. How Would You Feel About Racial Separation?
  73. Obama turns on the working man
  74. Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad: Un-American?
  75. Unity or Independence???
  76. Historic first: Princess Cristina questioned over fraud by Spanish court
  77. Illuminatii, chemtrails, lizardmen, conspiracy theories, nanotechnology and other horseshit.
  78. Kiss Ted Cruz Goodbye As A Presidential Pick
  79. Dirty Politics
  80. Would It Be Wrong To Have A Big Sale At A Gun Shop On President's Day?
  81. U S warship runsaground in the Black Sea
  82. Should certain men be STERILIZED?
  83. Euromaidan - Protests in Ukraine 2013 2014
  84. Tony Blair offered to be Ruppie Murdoch's secret bitch
  85. Less gun-control leads to ore crimes
  86. Ukraine
  87. Media Coverage of Venezuelan Protests
  88. Horse carriage rides in NYC to be banned.
  89. US and UK Spy Agencies Are "Enemies of the Internet"
  90. I Watched Russian State Television for a Whole Day
  91. Prayer
  92. The US is an oligarchy
  93. Is Janet Yellen really Ruth Buzzi/Gladys Ormphby?
  94. Are Embassies Becoming Trafficking, Gambling, Crime Centers Worldwide
  95. A War on Women
  96. cliven Bundy- great american patriot or freeloading garbage
  97. Georgia Passes Law That Allows "Guns Everywhere"
  98. Another renewable energy source
  99. Goodbye, Tea Party?
  100. Politicians and cops
  101. Who's Worse Than Genghis Khan?
  102. Wisconsin Voter ID Law Rejected By Federal Judge
  103. Why do conservatives keep embracing the crazies?
  104. I love the GOP, and here's why...
  105. New Map of the United States :)
  106. Wal-Mart, China, and The Bill Clinton Lie
  107. Darrell Issa Subpoenas John Kerry To Testify On Benghazi
  108. Same sex parenting: What do the children say?
  109. Secret Societies of Hollywood on E!
  110. What would you ask
  111. why spanish train maker is leaving Wisconsin
  112. Rand Paul psyco muppet??
  113. Keystone XL Approval and Energy Conservation
  114. Global Warming/Climate Change
  115. Remember the Utah Thread? And Then There Was Arkansas!
  116. Divine Intervention For a Church?
  117. Israelis worry that surge in 'price tag' attacks is costing Israel abroad
  118. Hey, Remember The Utah And Arkansas Threads? Heeere's Idaho!
  119. EU right to be forgotten - good idea or state enforced censorship?
  120. Sign The Leave Philbert Alone Thread.
  121. Oregon Joins The Ever-Growing List
  122. The Conservative, Republican, TEA Party Love Of Scandals
  123. Religion
  124. Marine Le Pen's confidence vindicated by Front National election triumph
  125. The House Science Committee Has Held More Hearings on Aliens Than on Climate Change
  126. The Price of Greed
  127. The "Obama Girl" finally came to her senses.
  128. brussel terrorist gets arrested
  129. Muslim porn performer
  130. Anti-Monsanto protests hit streets around the world
  131. Subway Have Removed Ham and Bacon From Their Menus to Appease Muslims!
  132. Texas Republicans Include "Gay Therapy" Plank in Platform
  133. Fox News Democrat Warriors Pat Caddell And Doug Schoen
  134. True Lies
  135. GOP eating its own: Rep. Eric Cantor loses in VA primary contest to a teabagger
  136. Satan
  137. Tesla opens up all patents.
  138. Let's Play War in Iraq Again!
  139. Do You Believe in American Exceptionalism?
  140. British Government Doesn't Need a Warrant to Spy on British Citizens
  141. Tony Blair: 'We didn't cause Iraq crisis'
  142. KochSuckers Corruption
  143. The Prime Minister of israel Benjamin Netanyahu
  144. :) The New American National Anthem :)
  145. Barack Obama Caught Red-Handed In The 1993 Music Video "Whoomp There It Is!"
  146. Must Read From Amazon - Dirt Cheap
  147. The Bullshit Clinton's "We Left The White House Broke"
  148. The "P" in PC
  149. Fox News Gregg Jarrett: Before And After
  150. Member of parliament who became a mother when she was 14 years old
  151. God don't like ugly - so now you're dead
  152. Irs?
  153. Supreme Court Rules Corporations Have Religous Rights!
  154. Poll: Obama 'worst president' since World War II
  155. Feds sue business for requiring employees to speak English...under a law that doesn't exist
  156. Texas "Killing Field" a Tragic Result of Governmental Inaction
  157. Palin calls for Obama's impeachment, likens America to a "battered wife"
  158. The Tea Party Isn’t a Political Movement, It’s a Religious One
  159. Boehner’s Empty Charge
  160. America's Real Theme Song
  161. That Rupert Murdoch Just Done Bought The CNN
  162. Eric Holder Gets Serious About Limiting Speech, Investigates Obama Outhouse Parade Float
  163. Fom Dwight Eisenhower to Dick Cheney, a 180° turn for the Republican Party
  164. The United Small Nations
  165. Climate change and the political ideologies
  166. Clean our oceans and water ways meditation
  167. Ivan Drago ain't got shit on Vladmir Putin
  168. Barack Obama vs Charles Manson: Who Do The College Kids Like More???
  169. Bradley "Chelsea" Manning to begin taxpayer funded gender treatment
  170. Proof that Republicans would blame Obama for absolutely anything that goes wrong in the world
  171. Praying
  172. Speaking of Scandals... Confrontation looms over upcoming Bush-era torture report
  173. "Blondage" Marie Harf
  174. Russia Says, "Now We Put Sanctions On Your American How-You-Say? Ah... MacDonald! Ah-Ha-Ha!"
  175. Anti-Obamacare ads : Bad publicity, there no such thing
  176. Crimes and punishment ; What say the law of your country
  177. NRA commentator want to supress the right to keep bear arms.
  178. Citing Hobby Lobby Decision, Satanists Demand Religious Exemption from Abortion Restrictions
  179. Latest copy of Watchtower
  180. Louisiana Republican Flees Interview When Asked About Obama's Birthplace
  181. If Bradley Manning Shopped At Ross And Payless Getting Chop In TJ Would That Be Better For America?
  182. Miss. governor refuse to apply Obamcare, then blames it for more uninsured in his state
  183. GOP to corporations : Don't move the jobs back to America, keep moving them away from US citizens
  184. Demand a recount! 5-year-old mayor loses re-election in Minnesota town
  185. New Mexico Work For Food Stamps Requirement Blasted By Critics
  186. Kansas GOP Voters Reject the Kochsucker Candidate
  187. Christian radio host blames Obama for Ebola but thinks it could solve America's problems
  188. Shock video every body watch
  189. black preacher says he hates black people
  190. cultural marxism political correctness
  191. I'm Making Johan An Honorary American
  192. Which tyranny is worse?
  193. Political songs
  194. is college worth it anymore
  195. The apathy of this board towards the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson is commendable.
  196. About damn time
  197. american pastorsays burn the quran
  198. Jesus in action
  199. As A Christian There Is Nothing Wrong With Saying "Allahu Akbar!" To Other Christians.
  200. The Al Gore sues Al Jazeera over cable channel deal
  201. Will Jay-Z & Barack Obama Walk Off Into The Sunset Browning Each Others Meat From Here To Eternity?
  202. jewish man supports terrorism
  203. misandry
  204. what every white person should know
  205. norway mass killer
  206. U.S. Army Major General Harold Greene Laid to Rest
  207. Another Fatal Shooting Near Ferguson
  208. Vladimir Lenin quotes
  209. 'Pastafarian' fights to wear colander in B.C. driver's licence photo
  210. Mannequins with facial-recognition cameras
  211. babra spectre
  212. The John McCain Dance Machine Is Finally Available
  213. SWEDISH IMMIGRation 30min barbra spectra muslim clip SHARE !!!
  214. Video Of Kajieme Powell Killing
  215. Veteran Cop: We can violate your rights
  216. Curse of Atuk
  217. Ferguson protests infiltrated by paid rioters
  218. is greece turning into nazi germany
  219. muslim riots in paris
  220. A Church With A ATM
  221. The New Constitution
  222. jo-j
  223. Censorship!!
  224. Illegals convicted of murder
  225. Mexico Cracks
  226. Hate Crime in New York
  227. Can we afford the capitalist system?
  228. Salt Lake City - Police Officer shoots Unarmed 20 year old man
  229. American man suspected of fighting with Islamic State is killed
  230. women's rights in the middle east
  231. islam what the west needs to know 90 min video
  232. the untucked pussies
  233. Celebrity MP candidates
  234. netanyahu unaware of camera
  235. Do You Guys Think Mitt Romney Is Running For President Again?
  236. Labor Day. Should it be eliminated?
  237. Omaha Police Shoot and Kill “Cops” TV Show Crew member
  238. Ricky Ross, Oliver North, And The CIA Connection Brings Crack To The Ghettos in the 80's.
  239. Scottish Independence: Yes or No?
  240. Will Eric Holder Extradite A Hamas Terrorist Involved In Murdering A US Citizen?
  241. Video Appears to Show ISIS Execution of Second American Steven Sotloff
  242. The fight against ISIS
  243. The Israelian intervention in Gaza made Hamas popularity skyrocket
  244. 11 Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11
  245. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Scott Walker is "grabbing women by the hair and pulling us
  246. Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Across The US
  247. Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov Vows To Crush This Islamic State Via Instagram
  248. Where are we heading?
  249. Phil Robertson bout ISIS : "Convert them or kill them"
  250. JSOC and British SAS ISIS Killer Unit