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  1. Washington Free Beacon Funded Fusion GPS Anti-Trump Oppo
  2. Penny Young Nance
  3. How/why are Americans so dominant as they are here?
  4. Poll: Majority of Military Officers View Trump Unfavorably
  5. The Ingraham Angle
  6. Boehner: Hannity and Limbaugh went over to the 'dark side'
  7. Hillary Clinton and Uranium One
  8. BREAKING: Vehicle attack in Manhattan - multiple fatalities
  9. CIA releases hundreds of thousands of documents from Osama Bin Laden
  10. Majority of Americans Think Now is Worst Time in U.S History
  11. Alison Hartson Challenges Diane Feinstein for the Senate
  12. Panda Express Peking Pork Commercial Is Racist, Dammit!
  13. Dear Leader Goes To Asia
  14. Bureaucrats Annoyed US Emissions Levels Are Plummeting Despite Leaving Paris Deal
  15. Trump's tweets are damaging his own cases
  16. The Great College Loan Swindle
  17. Team "owners" is RACES
  18. Texas shooting leaves 26 dead. Mental health, not guns, is the issue, Trump says
  19. Texas Church Shooter Was Antifa Member Who Vowed To Start Civil War
  20. GOP Bloodbath. Democrats Win Huge in New Jersey and Virginia
  21. Maine voters approved expanding Medicaid. Maine Governor vetoes it
  22. Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32
  23. So Carey Haim was one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses?
  24. Wut? No thread about Rand Paul being attacked by a leftist?
  25. Do You Own a Gun?
  26. Ever Consider Running for Political Office?
  27. Oh my! George Takei
  28. Bite the bullet - solutions for mass shootings
  29. Fuck Keurig and Their Shitty Coffee Machines
  30. What gun "control" propagandists really want
  31. Wut? No Thread About California Gunman Killing 4 in Drive-By Rampage?
  32. This Weeks Mass Killing/Terror Attack
  33. Biden Says Texas Shooter’s Killing Spree Shouldn’t Have Been Stopped
  34. President Trump intervenes to get 3 UCLA basketball players released from China
  35. Very funny U.S. senator (D) Minnesota Al Franken groped and sexually harassed Leann Tweeden
  36. BREAKING: Vice President Mike Pence accused
  37. Cherries DeVille Considering Presidential Run
  38. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) Utah absolutely spanks Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio
  39. Remmbering US Presidents which had Class and What It Takes
  40. ***Breaking*** Bill Clinton facing NEW accusations of sexual assault
  41. Charlie Rose Accused of Sexual Harassment
  42. Police Declared Martial Law
  43. ****Breaking**** Longest serving U.S. congressman and justice Democrat John Conyers likes da ladies
  44. Republican Voters Are Sick Sick People
  45. FCC plans repeal of Net Neutrality
  46. Thomas Sowell - A Brief History of the Irish
  47. ***Breaking*** Congressman Bob Brady (D) Pennsylvania investigated for bribery of primary opponent
  48. Trump supporters mistake LeVar Burton for LaVar Ball
  49. Catholic school covers ‘suggestive’ statue of a saint handing a loaf of bread to a boy
  50. Mystery donor gave huge amount of money to make sure Gorsuch would be on the Supreme Court
  51. Couple Calls On Trump To Save Their Quintuplets
  52. I love this woman - Michelle Malkin
  53. Loser Jame O'Keefe Attempted To Spread False Accusations to WAPO
  54. Republicans actually LOVE redistribution of wealth...
  55. The Trump presidency: Recipe for disaster
  56. Right-Wing group tried to scam the Washington Post with fake Roy Moore victim. Totally failed
  57. dictionary.com Word of the Year 2017
  58. Ai can help hunt down missile sites in china
  59. U.S economy reaching goal of 3 percent growth even though we voted for Trump
  60. Loyal Democrat operative and Today Show co-host Matt Lauer fired for wearing women’s clothing
  61. This Is Not Normal
  62. Trump has finally lost it!
  63. And 10 months later, America is once again a Shining City On A Hill
  64. First Lady of the United States - Christmas 2017
  65. Trump Gets Largest Audience For National Tree Lighting Ceremony
  66. Let’s face facts people, the real reason other countries don’t like us is jealousy
  67. Will you be saying "Merry Christmas" more this year...
  68. Leftists ensnared in scandals over sexual behavior
  69. Lock Him The Fuck Up- Piece Of Shit Flynn Pleads Guilty
  70. Senate passes tax cut bill
  71. Women shouldn't be allowed to run for office, according to a course co-authored by R. Moore
  72. Rope. Tree. Priest. Some assembly required
  73. College spending $60k to turn computer lab into 'safe space'
  74. Hey Libtards, Trump Cannot Be Charged with Obstruction of Justice
  75. Trump is Time Magazines Person of the Year
  76. Are Democrats trying to LOSE the 2018 election ?
  77. Trump : Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel. The US Embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv
  78. Decriminalized Drugs
  79. Nice Brains Finish Last
  80. The only thing better than a day starting with Al Franken announcing his resignation........
  81. Tesla defeats car dealer association in Missouri court
  82. Trump's Typical McDonald's Order
  83. Loyola University Students Question Catholic School’s Emphasis on Christmas
  84. Paul Ryan should be jailed.
  85. Alt-right women don't like how alt-right men treat them
  86. Mesa, AZ officer acquitted in killing of Daniel Shaver
  87. Kate Steinle
  88. Moore : Keep the 10 first amendemnts, trash everything else
  89. Terrible week for the liberal media
  90. Al Franken resigned. Now it's Dan Johnson's turn
  91. Cotdamn!! Doug Jones Pulled it Off
  92. Fart And Hold to Retire After Current Term
  93. Donald Trump Hires The Best People. The Best!
  94. Looks like the whole Trump family doesn't know how voting works
  95. U.S. lawmakers are redistributing income from the poor to the rich
  96. Finally, the Palestinian State? A Solution is on nthe Horizon
  97. Trump wants waiters and bartenders to give away their tips to their boss
  98. Report: Obama Administration Backed Off Hezbollah Investigation
  99. Conservative medias : FBI is setting up a coup against Donald Trump.
  100. Woman Accuses ‘Feminist’ Linda Sarsour of Enabling Sexual Assault Under Her Watch
  101. GOP Passes Historic Tax Plan
  102. What it's like to live in Putin's Russia
  103. Trump administration in collusion with Russia sends anti-tank weapons to Ukraine
  104. Jefv Flake : Trump fans are "spasms of a dying party"
  105. Two-times Chess World Champion about to lose her titles over Women's Right stand
  106. One-third of US homicide spike last year came from 5 Chicago neighborhoods
  107. The Year in Misleading Science Claims
  108. Trump anxiety boosts professional cuddling
  109. Top Militaries Today and the Future
  110. Let me tell you one damn thing!!!
  111. The U.S. has one of the stingiest minimum wage policies of any wealthy nation
  112. Our President is "Dumb As Shit"
  113. Trump is beefing with Bannon now?
  114. Trump's job boom is fake news
  115. World authority in psychiatry : Trump is "dangerous"
  116. What Are Vril Demons: Reptilians, Clones, And Other Non-Human Entities
  117. ‘membah when the board libs we’re calling Cliven Bundy and his sons domestic terrorists?
  118. Donald Trump Speaks At a Fourth Grade Level
  119. Working-class families are winning big under President Trump
  120. Trump Made More Than 2,000 False/Misleading Claims Over 355 Days
  121. BHO's Presidential Library is lacking a few things.
  122. Oprah for President
  123. Shithole countries
  124. Trump Paid Hush Money to Porn Star to Buy Silence Over Affair
  125. Moby Says CIA Agents Asked Him to Spread the Word About Trump and Russia
  126. Today residents of Hawaii kissed their asses goodbye
  127. Good News for Israel: Tunnel-B-Gone
  128. Too fat to fight
  129. President Trump dismantlng Obama's legacy
  130. Evaluating the Damage: Immigration’s Impact on Black Americans
  131. Sen. Patrick Leahy, member of the party of intelligent people thinks Africa is a country
  132. Trump’s and Obama’s examining physician says Trump is in great health and perfect cognitive skills
  133. Dick Durbin ‘Focused Full Time’ on Illegal Aliens as Black Americans Remain Excessively Unemployed..
  134. There Will Be No Border Wall
  135. What's The Deal With Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino's Head... Err... Face... Err... Skull?
  136. The 2017 Fake News Awards
  137. President Trump's Economic Sonic BOOM (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
  138. The left even have conspiracy theories about Trump’s weight
  139. People get ready....
  140. California - SECEDE already
  141. The Schumer Shutdown and DACA Democrats care more about illegals than U.S citizens
  142. Hawaiians celebrate not getting nuked with ... porn??
  143. Could someone please explain something about the shutdown negotiations?
  144. Happy 1 year inauguration anniversary President Trump
  145. *lol* Democrats cave on DACA, Schumer Shutdown ends, no blue wave in sight
  146. Why do people lie?
  147. Tariffs enacted for washing machines and solar panels
  148. Innocent and in jail for 46 years without evidence
  149. Everytime Democrats find themselves in hot water their emails and texts go missing
  150. John F. Kerry aka “Bolt Neck” in violation of the Logan Act
  151. Trump Administration Waives Punishment For Convicted Banks, Including Deutsche...
  152. “Amnesty Don”
  153. Dark Money, Not Russia, May Be the Best Way to Explain Trump's Win
  154. "It was the Deep State" is the new "The dog ate my homework"
  155. Oprah doesn't have the DNA to run for president
  156. *loller* Trump is slaying at Davos!
  157. Illegal cop killer tells judge "fuck you"
  158. President Trump's first year better than Reagan's
  159. Cape Town (S. Africa) : 1st major city to see how real climate change can be
  160. You ever feel disconnected from your body?
  161. To the skeptics: President Trump's tax plan doing wonders
  162. Self-proclaimed right-wing terrorist group linked to 5 murders.
  163. Meanwhile in California, Governor Moonbeam demands Billion & Weatherby firearms leaves CA
  164. The Thomas Sowell Thread
  165. Military Members Are The Lowest of Our Low
  166. Uh-Oh...There's a Second Trump-Russia Dossier
  167. Illegal Immigrants Commit More Crimes Than Native Born Americans
  168. Democrats don’t like low unemployment, a booming economy or a path to citizenship for “ Dreamers”
  169. Democrats acting like enraged toddlers at STOU
  170. Why Obama and his minions are in a heap of trouble
  171. Politics is a game and Democrats suck at it
  172. Happy Groundhog Day
  173. Shocker! The Nunes Memo is a Complete Dud
  174. Nolte: ‘X-Files’ Joins Trump-Hating NFL, Emmys, Grammys, and CNN as Ratings Casualty
  175. Should illegal aliens be given the right to vote in American elections?
  176. President Trump meets with North Korean defectors
  177. 18 u.s.c § 793
  178. Rasmussen: President Trump approval rating 49%
  179. Trump is FLOODING the swamp, not draining it
  180. Man sues after being ticketed for flipping off state patrolman
  181. The UK is fucked
  182. A constitutional right to kill your offspring
  183. Dat Dow tho
  184. Self-proclaimed former America Nazi Party leader to run unopposed in GOP Primary
  185. Poland signs holocaust bill
  186. Idiot Adam Schiff gets pranked seeking dirt on Trump
  187. Donald Trump orders Pentagon to plan grand military parade
  188. I'm with Bernie Sanders - college education should be free
  189. Net Neutrality
  190. Props to Pelosi
  191. Airline told woman flush her hamster down the toilet
  192. Report: FBI Informant Tells Congress Moscow Routed Millions to Influence the Clintons
  193. Trump will NOT declassify Democrat memo
  194. 2018 Tupac
  195. Left wing kook site the Daily Dot claims that Melania had the White House exorcised
  196. lol @ climate nuts, sinking island of Tuvalu is growing and flourishing
  197. America Is Not a Democracy
  198. Attacks on the FBI and Justice Department will harm America
  199. Freedom From Religion Atheists Tackle High School Football
  200. Emmanuel Macron’s approval is lower than Trump’s
  201. Is this politics section satire?
  202. The NoKo cheerleaders are creepy AF
  203. Trump said he’d shrink the trade deficit with China. It just hit a record high
  204. The Book That Spooked the South
  205. How Hope Hicks Became the Ultimate Trump Insider
  206. Take a ride..ride..ride.. ride.. on Falcon Heavy
  207. Michelle's Obama portrait faces the internet
  208. The Illuminati is REAL
  209. On the campaign trail, Trump promised he would "save" Medicare...
  210. French man faces court over 'consensual sex' with 11-y-o
  211. Israel PM Netanyahu Faces Corruption Charges
  212. First They Killed My Father
  213. Kehinde Wiley wants to kill Whites
  214. Macron is a war monger!!!
  215. Trump White House Turnover Hits a Record of One-Third In a Year
  216. 'White powder' sent to Obama office...
  217. Graffiti Artists Awarded $6.7 Million from property owners who cleaned off their "work"
  218. Rob Porter Packs One Hell Of A Punch
  219. Major Democrat says she won't accept corporate PAC money anymore
  220. Shooting in Florida School
  221. conservativetribune.com thread
  222. California to release 10,000 criminals.
  223. Ban the MS-13 assault rifle
  224. Should We Disband The FBI?
  225. Gun Control Won't Save Lives, But...
  226. Chicago Police Commander Senselessly Murdered
  227. The Chinese have a word for it too
  228. Ethiopia declares state of emergency after PM's resignation
  229. Happy Black History Month!!!
  230. Zulu King: Blacks Destroyed South Africa
  231. Go USA
  232. Malkin: Don't let the children lead
  233. #NeverAgain
  234. Broadband speeds in the US are slower than in almost every other country
  235. Bloomberg and his group, Everytown for Gun Safety
  236. If only there had been armed guards in Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School...
  237. $21 Trillion Missing From US Federal Budget
  238. Parkland Agenda Exposed
  239. If Immigration Creates Wealth, Why Is California America's Poverty Capital?
  240. Rick Scott can kiss his NRA campaign donations goodbye
  241. BREAKING: Photo surfaces of Trump grabbing pussy in Florida. It's OVER, folks.
  242. To Whom It May Concern: Exorcism Vacancies
  243. The Deadliest School Attack in the US Was Erased from History Because It Wasn’t Done With a Gun
  244. US Gross National Debt Spikes $1 Trillion in Less Than 6 Months
  245. The News Chain
  246. Trump is coming for your guns
  247. What are your policy positions?
  248. Something stinks about the NRA's Russia story
  249. Questions linger about how Melania Trump, a Slovenian model, scored ‘the Einstein visa’
  250. I Don't Understand Why People Hate Cops