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  1. These 27 Major Corporations Paid No Taxes in 2015
  2. Toppling Saddam was a mistake but Ghaddafi wasn't
  3. Bloomberg : 3 I won't run 'cause it could help Trump an Cruz"
  4. Diversity in the presidential candidates
  5. Female al-Azhar Prof: Allah allows Muslims to rape non-Muslim women
  6. DOJ has considered legal action against climate deniers
  7. People are extatic at Trump getting AIDS
  8. Donald Trump has a tenuous relationship with the spelling
  9. Media Blackout
  10. Obama Criticizes The "Free-Riders" Among America's Allies
  11. Obama will go down as the shittiest president in the history of this republic
  12. Liberals: Freedom of speech for me but not for thee
  13. Egypt Justice Minister Sacked After Saying He Would Arrest Mohammad
  14. One of the Most Important 2016 Economic and Political Issues is Antitrust Regulation
  15. Trump : We need to play by ISIS rules, not ours
  16. Lion Guard
  17. Liberals promoting abortion shocked by infanticide
  18. Communists are posting Anti-Trump RENT-A-MOB Ads on Craigslist
  19. Political Satire
  20. Special Districts
  21. Obama guilty of treason
  22. Paris attacks suspect arrested
  23. Three state laws that 'substantially reduce' gun deaths
  24. Loin Guard
  25. John Kasich receives citation later calls cop an idiot.
  26. Sunni Cleric Says Women Are Only Fit To Deliver Children, Calls Gender Equality Un-Islamic
  27. Alabama GOP : No foodstamps for car owners
  28. Border Wall
  29. Explosions at EU building and Brussels airport
  30. Obama
  31. Jian Ghomeshi trial - Legitimate Crime or Feminist Bullshit?
  32. Rob Ford passed away at 46
  33. The Double Standard On Terror
  34. Former ISIS fighter in Belgium
  35. Piers Morgan: When it comes to terror, isn’t it time we started listening seriously to Trump?
  36. As a Cruz supporter, I may as well break this.
  37. North Carolina wants to make sur that businesses have the right to discriminate the LGBT community
  38. Allow Open Carry of Firearms at GOP Convention
  39. Trump feature in a new Daech propaganda video celebrating Brussel attack
  40. does this matter to you?
  41. 6 Surprising Things I Learned Talking To Trump Supporters
  42. ISIS Suicide Bomber in Iraq Kills Dozens at Soccer Game
  43. Turkey Says It Deported One of Brussels Suicide Bombers in Summer
  44. Well Lookie here! There are right wingers that are fed up in Belgium
  45. Syria : CIA vs Pentagon
  46. Unemployed men bastardize an EgyptAir flight force landng over concerns of carbon footprint
  47. Radicalized 15-Year-Old Girl Stabs German Police Officer In The Neck
  48. Heidi Cruz
  49. Trump campaign manager charged with battery.
  50. John Belushi's Controversy
  51. Brussels: Muslim youths in Molenbeek receive texts urging them to 'fight the westerners'
  52. Why there are Muslim ghettos in Europe, but not in the US
  53. White House censors Holland's speech referencing "Islamic Terror"
  54. Convenience store clerk booked on suspicion of murder after shooting shoplifter in the back
  55. I did my part in helping to secure a safer and better Britain
  56. First ever snowfall in the Caribbean
  57. How Corporate Taxes Disappeare
  58. For all the libs that made fun of Ben Carson's and Scott Walker's wives
  59. The Panama Papers WOOT!
  60. It's official: Bernie Sanders is a cotdam idiot
  61. Is there a curse on Republicans wanting to eliminta government agencies ?
  62. Political correctness derangement has reached a new peak in Norway
  63. Congressional Fundraising
  64. God's not Dead 2
  65. Feminist groups in florida to rally against equal custody/ shared parenting bill
  66. Booya! Trump! Sweet Sassy Molassy!
  67. The British healthcare system and particularly dental care
  68. Trump
  69. Hillary desn't want anyone to hear what she saysto her donors
  70. Porn Site Bans North Carolina Users Due to Anti-LGBT Law
  71. One of Bernie Sanders' socialism models for America (Denmark) not doing so good.
  72. Time’s running out for new candidates to jump into the 2016 race
  73. Triple talaq: India's Muslim women fight against instant divorce
  74. This may be a deal breaker in my support of Ted Cruz
  75. "Affluenza teen" did drunk-driving, killed 4, goes to jail for 2 years
  76. When the shlt goes down
  77. Arab "refugees" and their child brides
  78. Turkish President Erdogan Seizes Six Christian Churches, Making Them State Property
  79. The irs
  80. "I could care less"
  81. College Student Removed From Southwest Flight for Speaking Arabic
  82. Bill Nye the Fascist Guy
  83. Crackdown on corporate inversions
  84. Right-wing extremist mass murderer Anders Breivik wins trial over Norvegian government
  85. Why Do The Blacks Go Apeshit Over Hillary Clinton?
  86. Apocalyptic predictions during the 1st Earth Day
  87. Obama steals from Americans
  88. Aurora Snow: The Porn Industry Is Terrified of Ted Cruz, Thinks Donald Trump is a Joke
  89. The Coming Republican Demographic Disaster
  90. Many many incidents of men filming women in women's rooms
  91. Wells Fargo admits crimes, no one goes to jail.
  92. Joining the U.S. armed forces
  93. 'The Usual Suspects' in the Persecution of Global Warming Skeptics
  94. America: the world owes us
  95. Where "freedom" died but fewer people did too
  96. Philippines Jihadist Group Releases Video of Canadian John Ridsdel’s Beheading
  97. The Transgender Threat to Boys and Men
  98. London elects social-democrat muslim mayor
  99. Sadiq Khan, pro-LGBT Muslim politician elected Mayor of London
  100. Jesus Christ
  101. Ex-Yemen President: No difference between Saudi regime and ISIS, Al-Qaeda
  102. As the general election approaches, Trump sets course to the Left
  103. The Philippines just elected the "Trump of the East" as President
  104. Radical feminists fight radical sexualists at Harvard
  105. George Zimmermann plans to sell that "American firearm icon"
  106. Oakland Police Sex Scandal
  107. Copenhagen bars tired of ‘Sharia patrols’ rampage & threats raise issue with integration minister
  108. r44
  109. Appearance is Ideology
  110. Leaks Show Senate Aide Threatened Colombia Over Cheap Cancer Drug
  111. There's super delegates, why not super voters?
  112. Intriguing Spy Stories from Internal NSA Reports
  113. Favorite Troma Films
  114. UVA Jackie May Have Just Been Caught In Another Big Lie
  115. Congress uses Zika virus to de-regulate trucking industry
  116. this is the type of Church service I like
  117. Reporters Who Believe the Government Are “Stupid”
  118. Russia's Future and Past
  119. Should women be subject to Selective Service requirements?
  120. In the end, Robert Dear and all the anti-abortion radicals won against Planned Parenthood
  121. Reports: Baylor to fire president Ken Starr over sex assaults scandal
  122. Student Loan Arrests
  123. The Bengal Famine
  124. Oregon Militia men outraged they can't have guns in jail
  125. Obama makes History in Hiroshima
  126. Political events in the 1990s
  127. Spanish woman won her case to be inseminated with her dead husband's sperm
  128. Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921
  129. Chicago Comes Just Short Of Being Able To Celebrate 400 Shootings In May
  130. Cashless Society/World ...Thoughts?
  131. Do you find that those in charge shouldn't be?
  132. Job ads calling for "best candidates" discriminate against women, minorities
  133. D-Day +72
  134. Porn Patriots - United We Stand
  135. New Rule: We're Not Allowed to Make Fun of the French Anymore
  136. The irony of a black lives matter a̶s̶s̶h̶o̶l̶e̶ organizer sentenced for "lynching".........
  137. Albinos in Malawi - Black racism.
  138. Where in the world is Andrea Tantaros?
  139. Still some hope for Texas...
  140. The irony of the border vigilante founder convicted of child molestation
  141. U.N. Chief Admits He Removed Saudi Arabia From Child-Killer List Due to Extortion
  142. The just say what you want thread
  143. Paul Ryan' unveils national security plan.
  144. Migrants Burn Down Asylum Centre After Not Receiving Ramadan Wake Up Call
  145. Trump paid-off Florida attorney to drop fraud investigation
  146. Liberals only like the founding fathers when they are minorities
  147. Nazi-Arabs attacked America
  148. Nebraska's hemp battle
  149. Israeli student at Hebrew University " IDF soldiers don't rape because they are racists"
  150. USA to Give 40 Billion More to israel
  151. Winston Churchill: Islamophobe or prophet of his day?
  152. Should Syria Be Next?
  153. Trump Faces The Worst Financial Disadvantage in Recent Presidential History
  154. BREXIT ~ British Exit Referendum on the 23rd of June
  155. Once again, GOP goes after the 4th Amendment
  156. Mass Shootings
  157. Axis powers and their supporters thread
  158. Feminists deface Seattle mural of pin-up Bettie Page
  159. School = Prison
  160. Citizens United 2.0 is coming
  161. Eurotopia
  162. You Can Take The Jerk Out Of Jerkistan But You Can't Take Jerkistan Out Of The Jerk
  163. The Prisons of Belief
  164. NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide
  165. What Republicans Can Learn From George Orwell
  166. Loretta Lynch
  167. Europe’s immigration crisis is just beginning
  168. Robot powered burger joint set to open in San Fran
  169. Laboratories of Democracy
  170. Why ordinary people turn terrorist
  171. This time, it's on...
  172. Old, Fat, Bitter Gretchen Carlson Claims Roger Ailes Wanted To Do The Sex Inside Her
  173. Laws are for little people
  174. Terrorists of unknown religion commits wave of attacks during Ramadan
  175. Black On Black Homicides
  176. Medical marijuana could save nearly $500 millions from Medicare
  177. 18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons
  178. White lives matters
  179. When America believed in eugenics
  180. Pornography Forbidden in Republican Platform
  181. Do you wanna eat Kimberly Guilfoyle's pussy?
  182. More police officers die on the job in states with more guns
  183. Business and the making of American gun culture
  184. July 15th 2016
  185. Truck plows into Bastille Day crowd in Nice 30 dead
  186. Declaration of Ondependence
  187. Attempted Military Coup Ongoing in Turkey
  188. Huma Abedin: You Fuck Her Or No?
  189. All About the Republican National Convention in Cleveland July 18th -July 21st
  190. France supressed reports of torture in Bataclan massacre
  191. Theresa May begins ruling the best way possible.
  192. Dr. Sebastian Gorka
  193. Brexit Made One U.K. Leader Look Good
  194. The Muslim Agenda - Full Documentary - Banned in some countries
  195. The declassified "28 Pages" prove Saudi implication in 9/11
  196. Misunderstood Afghan teen that probably likes to smoke cigarettes interrupts German train ride
  197. Melania Trump's speechwriter
  198. Germany : Ax-wielding Afghan refugee attacks train passengers ; 8 injured
  199. French woman and her three daughters' stabbed by Moroccan man in Alpine resort
  200. Bill O’Reilly vs Montel Williams: What's The Deal?
  201. If Germany only had tougher gun restrictions
  202. Suspected ISIS Recruiter Arshid Qureshi, Allegedly Linked To Zakir Naik, Arrested
  203. Bernie
  204. Carl's Jr/Hardee's Appreciation Thread
  205. All about the DNC and its presidential nominating convention July 25-28
  206. Syrian refugee in Germany arrested after killing woman in machete attack
  207. Machete-wielding Syrian refugee kills pregnant woman in Germany
  208. Suicide bombing at German wine bar
  209. Nate Silver: Trump wins if election were held today.
  210. Police routinely suppress racial data in Canada, study says
  211. Julian Assange is a cotdam American treasure!
  212. Elderly priest in Normandy beheaded
  213. Jill Stein 2016
  214. Judge order suspect to cover tattoos to avoid juror being biased
  215. Reparations website asks white people to pay black people's rent to relieve their guilt
  216. Federal Courts Strike Down Voter ID Restrictions in North Carolina and Wisconsin
  217. Putin's Speech Last Month....
  218. Figuring out TRUMP
  219. OBAMACARE- good or bad
  220. presidential election poll
  221. Trump vows to crack-down on porn
  222. The Trump-Putin Bromance Is Getting Even Shadier
  223. Eric Bolling Sucks
  224. BLACK LIVES MATTER: London Dustup Debut
  225. Obama authorised 400 million cash random for hostages
  226. Man upset over climate change and high unemployment rate attacks 2 Belgian cops with machete.
  227. Who Counts the Votes?
  228. Missouri governor ordered to work as public defender
  229. How is obama like Mao?
  230. Hillary's private server cost live(s)
  231. Is Your Brain Republican or Democrat?
  232. Dylan Roof's father Franklin Roof, spotted sitting in VIP section at Trump rally
  233. Julian Assange hints that DNC staffers that were email sources are turning up dead
  234. Judicial Watch releases emails detailing relationship between Clinton Foundation and Dept. of State
  235. What's Wrong With Hillary?
  236. Christians in Germany forced to hide bibles amid migrant muslim death threats
  237. Why does the U.S. military overwhelmingly favor republicans?
  238. Racism in Police System: The Baltimore Police DOJ Report Release
  239. The Republican I'd be voting for at November's General Election (For Real)
  240. Milwaukee's Best
  241. Extreme vetting: Brilliant!
  242. Kathleen Kane will probably be nominated for US AG or SCOTUS if Hilldebeast wins.
  243. Nine Iraqi refugees have been arrested in Austria on suspicion of gang-raping a 28-year-old woman
  244. What is your view on the trump wall between usa and mexico
  245. Abortion Laws Are Going The Same Way As Voter ID Laws.
  246. The mainstream media slammed W. for flyng over New Orleans after Katrina
  247. Nazi father Alois Hitler
  248. U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds
  249. White couple shot and killed by Black Lives Matter protester
  250. Dear republicans, you deserve this