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No. It's perfectly OK to have an opinion! Girls change what they do and how they look all the time! It's fine to say you don't like it. However, you cross the line from an opinion to an attack when you start harassing her about something she can't, or isn't willing to change. OK = You went blonde? Why?! That looks HORRIBLE on you! NOT OK = You fat fucking bitch, I can't fap to blondes. Q. Does this mean I can't disagree with an OCSM? A. NO! You can disagree all you want. You can even argue against her opinions and views in a political debate. Just don't attack the person behind the opinions. That would be resorting to name calling, or creating threads to specifically harass/call her out. Q. Does this mean that I have to put up with an OCSM disrespecting me? A. NO! If you feel an OCSM was disrespectful to you first, please use the report button () instead of replying. We will look into it ASAP. Q. What if I see someone else harassing an OCSM? A. Please report the posts () that you believe involve disrespect towards an OCSM. Q. What if an OCSM jumps into an argument between members and fans the flames? A. It's fine if an OCSM decides to jump into an argument, or to stir things up so to speak. However, she can expect no special treatment from Mods or Admins at this point. If you have any questions that weren't answered here, please feel free to write us at Approved Content Owners: If you see someone with the Approved Content Owner title under their name, then they have been approved by FreeOnes to post their own content on the board. Typically ACOs are pay site owners, employees of pay sites, photographers, the husband/boyfriend/webmaster of a model or porn star. Click here to find out more about Approved Content Owners. General Board Rules 1.) Don't post pictures or links of bestiality, incest, snuff or sexual assault/rape. If you do, we will look at this on a case by case basis and you may be banned. 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Imitation of board moderators, administrators or FreeOnes Team Member is expressly forbidden in any way, shape or form. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban, without prior warning. Posting Rules 1.) You may post up to 5 sample gallery links in a thread during a 24 hour period.
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  • Please post in english - this is the official board language. Occasionally writing a word or phrase in your first language isn't going to get you banned, but carrying on a conversation that others can't read is just rude.
  • Don't use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS - this is considered "shouting" and it makes your post very hard to read. Others will ignore it and not reply to you or take you seriously.
  • Do your best to use correct grammar and punctuation (i.e. use paragraphs and avoid deliberately misspelling words or 133t speak/txt speak).
5.) Don't add polls to the main babe threads in the Favorite Babe section. 6.) Don't work around the word filter. If a link you posted comes up as *****, then the link is not allowed on the FreeOnes Message Board. Working around the word filter and/or telling people what terms to search can earn you infractions, which can lead to a ban of your account. Picture Posting Rules Just because you found the picture somewhere on the internet doesn't mean that you can legally post it! Please respect our rules in regards to posting copyrighted content on our board!
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  • Try utilizing an image hosting service that allows adult content and insert the image into the thread using the button instead of attaching it. Click here for image hosting ideas.
  • It's preferred that you post images as thumbnails instead of the full image. Most image hosting services have this as a feature.
  • Don't hotlink to an image. This means that you're linking to an image from a site that isn't an image hosting service. Hotlinking is considered bandwidth theft.
  • If you're posting a single picture from a sample gallery, the URL should accompany the photo. All other photos should be public domain or free for use by the public.
  • Don't post images excessively (i.e. every post you make doesn't need to have an image in it), especially when you could have put all the images in 1 post. This can become very annoying to others.
  • Please try to resize your images before posting them. Other members may not have fast internet like you have and a huge image, even if it's hosted on an image hosting site, will take ages to load up on mobile phones and slower connections!
  • All images must follow the General Board Rules.
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