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Thread: ISIS claims Las Vegas shooting

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    Re: ISIS claims Las Vegas shooting

    Alright, I've got a new profile pic.
    As some of you may know it's Charles Bronson from a little movie called The Mechanic.
    The image catches the precise moment that Bronsons character detects there is something not quite right about his wine that he has just took a sip of.
    Something not quite right.

    Like these victims of the Las Vegas Shooting. I'm having a hard time believing that any of them were shot with bullets.
    Some things not quite right.
    From Inside Edition, A CBS Production.
    Shot in the hip, Shot in the Shoulder and through the Lung, And 2 Leg Shots in pretty much the same spot.

    Shot in the Forearm and in the Chest. Some news channel.

    Shot in the Chest 3 times (Mike Cronks buddy, we knew he was going to "be good" because someone told Mike that the night of the shooting). News video of Mike visiting his buddy Rob Mcintosh the same day he has surgery.

    Shot in the leg or ankle. Filmed the next day out of the hospital and standing up the whole time. Tom Mcintosh (No relation to Rob?).
    From The Today Show

    Shot in Shoulder and Chest. CBS News.

    Shot in Head. CBS News

    Shot in Upper Chest. CBS Again. He also lost a shoe.

    I could post more but it's late.
    Shot in the hip: Massive damage to bones and joints and muscle. Shot in the Chest? In the Head? Pretty obvious.
    Shot in forearm or ankle? We're talking dangling or dismembered limbs.
    And most of those NEWS REPORTS were filmed around 36 hours after the incident.
    Trauma Surgery, Being Shot.
    People don't inderstand just what this does to the Human Body. Massive bruising all over, Huge Swelling all over, bone damage, organ damage, damage from blood loss, risk of infection, ect ect ect ect. You dont get shot and go home the next day.
    But I'll tell you with 100% certainty that none of those people on the news have been shot.

    So either I'm wrong and all those nice clean attractive young people were shot that night or the NEWS MEDIA is showing us FAKE VICTIMS.
    And with over 500 people being shot why would they need to show fake victims?
    And if they are showing fake victims that would mean either the whole thing was a massive phony fake show or the MSM had foreknowledge of the mass murder.
    I don't know.

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    Re: ISIS claims Las Vegas shooting

    One more from the road:
    We have been shown this 1 photo from "the kill zone".
    To many this is 100% proof.
    It pretty much sold me.
    I'm referring to the photo posted here on this thread of dead bodies
    Edited version:

    So I searched for any video filmed within the area between the white fence and the multi colored light tent area where all those bodies were lying and couldnt find any. Only vids and photos from this side of the fence.
    Many news photos were from that side of the fence.

    But in this video at 1:20 in there is film from within that dead body zone and I can't see how there could be people being shot dead all around and nobody is screaming or reacting at all. The video was filmed after the stampede was over so it was pretty far into the shooting.
    There is no way that area is filled with dead bodies. Yet in the photo it is.
    (Focus on the things around and not just the blonde with the white shirt and huge rack).

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    Re: ISIS claims Las Vegas shooting

    So thats it?
    Just gonna let this go like you do all the rest?
    The media put it in your face for a few days, then spontaneously and simultaniously dropped it like they do all the rest.
    And youre just gonna leave it at that.

    Who cares if so much doesnt add up.
    Who cares about all the conflicting reports.
    Who cares about all the phony fake witnesses and "victims".
    Who cares about all the people saying multiple shooters or even the crystal clear audio evidence that the sound of gunfire was coming from several different places.

    The media told you what it is and thats all you need to know.
    And not only will you accept it as Truth but you will defend it.

    Not me.
    59 dead, over 500 shot.
    One man in a hotel room.
    Not me.

    This is where they left it:
    The witness/victim/security guard/hero Jesus Campos , in the original story/timeframe approached the door of Paddock and was shot at by a hail of 200 bullets through the hotel room door.
    One , and only one of those bullets hit Campos.
    This caused Paddock to stop shooting at the people who by then had shot well over 500 people.
    Paddock then killed himself.
    This made Campos a hero because he made Paddock stop shooting people.

    But the story changed. It actually changed a few times.

    The current story is that Campos approached the hotel room door of Paddock 6 minutes before the shooting began and was shot once.
    And he did notify the police right away.
    This makes Campos being shot at 9:56 pm yet the police didn't enter Paddocks room until 11:20 pm.
    11:20 pm.
    By that time Paddock had shot himself.

    Why would it take the police 1 hour and 24 minutes to get to the room?
    Why would it take the police 1 hour and 24 minutes to get to the room ?
    And considering for all they knew the shooting could have resumed at any second.

    So Campos, the MAIN WITNESS in what is being called the biggest mass murder in the history of the USA was set to appear on some MSM news programs most notably The Hannity Show.
    But he didn't show up.
    News programs which could have asked him questions.
    Not to catch him in lies but to inform the people of the world what happened that night.
    But no, we can't have that.

    Then out of the blue he shows up on The Ellen Show.
    A very very softball talk show who one of its sponsors is MGM, the owner of Mandaley Bay.

    And in that show they go back to the original story/timeline, even though the police have confirmed it is not correct.
    Campos is a HERO again.

    Case Closed America.
    Not for me.

    And one more thing is the video evidence.
    Mandalay Bay has 2 or 3 thousand surveilence cameras in it.
    Thats a lot of cameras. Pretty much every square inch of the hotel is monitored.
    However we have yet and most likely never will see any video of Mr Paddock either the night of the incident or the days prior where he brought a massive arsenal up into his hotel room.

    If we had a real PRESS in the US they would demand these things,
    Demand this information.
    But we don't.

    So you can say "Oh what a terrible thing" about this and move on.....wait for the next one and say the same thing.
    But I'm gonna stick around and ask some questions until maybe I find out the truth.

    Thank you.

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