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Thread: Filthy, rough, office sex

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    Filthy, rough, office sex

    I catch her looking at me from across the room. Itís the same everyday. When we walk into the office our eyes always meet. It never ceases to amaze me that people canít see it. I always feel like itís so obvious, but I guess thatís just because I know the truth. A small smile creeps over her face but sheís quick to look away. Thatís the effect we have on each other; the ability to completely forget where we are and that in the real world we canít ever let people know what is really going on. Itís getting harder for both of us to hide as time goes on and we know we should stop. Itís only a matter of time before someone finds out, we both know it. I often tell myself to walk away. Just walk away. But I know deep down that I canít. Just one look from her and I know I could never walk away. I need her. Her lips. Her body. Itís a toxic addiction that will end up burning us and everyone around us to the ground but Iím powerless in the face of my lust to stop. Itís pure, unadulterated physical attraction, and despite every bit of logic in my mind telling me that it needs to stop and all the obvious reasons that dictate that it will only end badly, the one reason to carry on overrides everything else. I just want her so fucking bad.
    The work day passes. We try and ignore each other whilst in the company of others. Itís hard but I know itís necessary. Sheís married for one thing, all be it to some douche who doesnít appreciate her. Sheís also several levels above me at work. Our actions are not without risk and consequence and we are both fully aware of the magnitude of what it would mean both professionally and personally if our affair were to come out. In essence we care, but just not enough to stop. I doubt we could even if we wanted to now.
    I stay late to finish some work. When Iím finally ready to leave I walk down the corridor towards the lift but before it comes I notice that the light in her office is still on. She doesnít normally stay that late because she plays netball or goes running most nights straight from work. My pulse instantly quickens. Just the thought of her causes me to begin to lose all sense of reason and restraint. I know then and there that Iím going to go in there and fuck her. Right now. I can feel my cock harden and my face become a bit flushed as I stride toward her office. The part of my brain that still has the ability to be rational and see consequences knows that there are still bound to be other people working late, but any hint of my normal reserve is completely and utterly eradicated as soon as I walk through the door and see her standing there.
    Long dark hair put up in some elaborate style involving plaits and pins. Gathered skirt that doesnít reach her knees as it lightly flares out, that she knows turns me on because of how easy it makes it to touch her. Long sleeved relaxed top that hangs off her right shoulder. Sheís so sexy. I literally ache with lust for her. Sheís on the phone with her back to me and hasnít noticed me yet. I catch the scent of her perfume and I can feel myself completely give into my desire for her. I quietly close the door and move behind her, putting my hands around her hips. The shutters are only partially closed so weíre still visible but Iím past the point of caring.
    She gasps with surprise and tries to turn around but I donít let her. She realises itís me and tries to continue her phone conversation. I start to kiss the right side of her neck as I slide my hands down the front of her skirt and into her knickers. I never get used to how wet she gets. I trace my middle finger along the lips of her pussy, teasing her. So wet. I just want to use my tongue and taste her and have her all over my face. I love the way her pussy tastes. The thought makes my cock throb even harder. She mumbles a few words down the phone and then slams it down.
    ĎSomeone will see.í She breathes.
    I know her well enough to know that this fact turns her on all the more. Despite all she knows about the consequences, here and now, with my fingers sliding into her, she doesnít care. In fact she wants to be seen. I can tell by the way she moans. She wants someone to witness what I do to her.
    I run my free hand up the side of her body until I reach her neck. I wrap my hand around her throat as I finger her harder. I grip her throat just tight enough that she coughs a little bit and then I tighten my grip a little bit more. She moans again and places her own hand on mine. Iíve never known a woman like her. She doesnít simply want me to dominate her, she wants me to completely own her body. To push her limits. And Iíve never been so turned on. I keep my hand on her throat whilst bringing my fingers up, soaked from her excitement, and put them into her mouth. I love making her taste herself. Taste how turned on she is. She licks my fingers as I trace them around her lips and pushes her arse into me. I can feel how much she wants me to fuck her.
    I pull some of the clips out from her hair and her plait falls down her back. She knows what Iím going to do and I feel her shiver with excitement. I grip the bottom of her ponytail and then wrap it around my hand. I do this slowly to increase her sense of anticipation. Iím in full control and she loves it. I pull her hair roughly so that her head is resting on my shoulder. I pull it to the side so her neck is exposed and then I begin to bite her neck, softly at first, then harder.
    ĎGet down on your knees.í I whisper into her ear.
    She obeys immediately without hesitation. I never remove my hand from her hair, keeping her head pulled slightly back as I undo my belt and flies. I can see she wants to use her hands to get to me. Sheís hungry for it, but she waits. As I look down at her, my excitement is at a fever pitch. I want to do the dirtiest and most forbidden things to this woman. I want to fuck her so hard that she never gets over me. I want to corrupt her completely and utterly. Even at the height of passion I know itís selfish, but I canít help myself. Her body is mine.
    I take my cock in my free hand and trace the head along her lips. The pre cum leaves a shine like a coat of lip gloss. She canít resist using her tongue. She loves my cum. I press my cock on her lips and she opens her mouth, looking into my eyes the whole time. She wants me to know that she belongs to me, that she submits to my sexual desires. I force her to take my whole length. As always she chokes a bit as the shaft goes further in, but she doesnít try and stop me. I begin to fuck her face, slowly at first and then harder. I can feel my cock hitting the back of her throat and Iím so excited I can feel that familiar feeling of being dangerously close to blowing my load. I want to cum so bad, to cum in her mouth and watch as she swallows every last bit. But I donít. Because of the look on her face. She needs to be fucked. Itís the unwritten rule. Her body is mine as long as I fuck her hard and rough. Her eyes demand it, and she will accept nothing less.
    I pull her up, still gripping her hair and push her face first over the desk so that sheís bent over. I can hear female voices down the hall, not close enough to make out the conversation but close enough to know that there is every possibility they may walk this way to get to the lift. I feel the same as she does now. Let them see. Let them watch. I hope their cunts get wet if they do. I lift her skirt up and rip her knickers off. Not the figurative rip, I literally use both hands to tear them off. She has expensive tastes so they probably cost a fair bit but I donít give a shit. I want her pussy and Iím not willing to wait even one second longer than I have to. I donít have to spit on my cock because sheís so wet. I slide right in and push myself as deep as I can go. I fuck her slow, but deliberate and hard. My thighs slap against her bare arse and with each thrusts she exhales sharply. Sheís trying not to moan too loud. I know that is a good thing but my ego wants to test her. Iím so intensely excited I know this isnít going to be a long fuck. I already want to cum and Iím having to concentrate to maintain a semblance of control. I grab her hair roughly and pull her up towards me as I continue to fuck her.
    ĎDo you want me to fuck you hard?í I ask, not really a question.
    ĎÖyeahÖí She manages in between moans.
    ĎBeg me.í I demand.
    ĎPlease,í she barely manages to say. ĎI need you to fuck me.í
    I grip her hair even tighter.
    ĎNot yet.í
    I push her back down and begin to fuck her a little bit harder, watching as my cock moves in and out covered in her thick white wetness which tells me she has already cum at least once. Itís hard to tell with her sometimes. Our sex is so heated that it becomes a blur. I lick my thumb and start to play with her arsehole as I continue to fuck her. I toy with the idea of fucking her in the arse, but I know Iím already on the edge and just the thought almost takes me to climax. As I slide my thumb in deeper I start to fuck her harder. She responds by gripping the desk and exhaling sharply.
    ĎOh fuck.í I hear her moan.
    I take both hands and grip her hips hard and start to fuck her harder and harder until Iím giving her all Iíve got. I move one of my hands up to her neck and grip the back of it, pulling her into me as much as I can. Harder. Faster. Deeper. Harder still. Faster still. I spank her arse hard twice, leaving two red hand prints and think to myself that I hope her husband sees them so he knows that his wifeís body belongs to me. That I can reach her in places he canít even imagine.
    The entire experience is everything I love about sex with her and as she begins to struggle to stifle her screams I canít contain myself any longer. I pull out of her and with my hand still positioned by her neck, push her to her knees. She knows what is coming and looks at me expectantly, breathing heavy, with her mouth open and tongue out with a look on her face that tells me that she knows Iím hers every bit as much as sheís mine. I wank my cock hard until I feel my legs stiffen and a wave of sheer ecstasy grip my entire body. I cum so hard I feel like my legs might buckle. I watch as my spunk shoots out onto her face. I can tell this is a good orgasm by the way the first two loads shoot out. Thereís a lot but she loves every bit of it, taking the last few squirts on her tongue and in her mouth. She sucks on my cock as it throbs enjoying the fact that Iím so sensitive now and can barely stand. She looks up at me as she releases my dick and just stays on her knees. She knows not to move until Iíve finished looking at her. She loves the fact I am all over her face and in her hair. She told me once that she never washes it out straight away because itís like a trophy. I donít know how a woman can possibly be this sexy. I know that despite everything we do, itís really her than dominates me. Iím a slave to my desire for her. As I look at her I canít help but wonder how I ever existed without her.
    As I exit the lift and walk through the reception I see the two women I heard upstairs. One of them smiles at me and says something I donít really comprehend. I wonder to myself if they know. My senses have come back to me bit so I hope not, although I can still feel the echo of my lust getting excited at the thought that maybe they did see. I give a nonchalant wave and continue towards the exit. Once Iím through the doors, the security guard nods at me. ĎLate leaving again I see,í he says. ĎYou need to get out more and have some fun.í I just smile at him and canít help but chuckle as I walk away. ĎThereís always tomorrowí I shout over my shoulder.
    And I canít wait.

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    Re: Filthy, rough, office sex

    I like your dialogue!

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    Re: Filthy, rough, office sex

    Nice thats one fantasy of mine that actually happened
    I raise my glass to the first babe who shaved her pussy....

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