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Thread: should not have been late

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    should not have been late

    Anetta was a 6 ft French brunette with face and skin exactly identical to that of Cecilia Vega, a porn actress, some wondered if it was her. Being born in a very small town, she decided to be one of the very few in her family to get an education and move out. At the age of 24, she was living in New York City with plans of soon moving back to Paris and starting large there. Unfortunately, adjusting to NYC was stressful for her. She lived in a decent area, she was a wild one and would often go out to bars and bring a guy to her apartment. She would be late to work often.

    At 7 AM in the morning Anetta woke up next to a Blonde bodybuilder with tattoos, he was woken up by the alarm as well. The two looked at each other, did a quick 10 minute fuck and enjoyed themselves. The Bodybuilder left while Anetta laid in her bed, still finding it hard to get up after she had been fucked. Anetta had to be at work by 9 AM, it was 8:20 AM and she woke up realizing the time. Not having enough time to shower, she ended up putting some deodorant and wearing perfume.

    She could not get to work exactly on time and in fact arrived at the place she worked at when it was 9:30 AM. When she sat down, without having had breakfast or anything, she started her work but was called to her boss. Her boss's name was Derek. Derek was a 36 year old 5"9 Black man, graduate of an Ivy League school, a bit chubby, balding, and overall an LT Turner lookalike. Derek had an office 2 floors above where Anetta worked, the office was the only thing on that floor and usually the heads met there. Derek was usually alone in the office for 2 hours a day but most of the time he would be seeing some other person.

    As Anetta entered Derek's office she sat down:

    "So, what is with you being late so damn much?" asked Derek
    "Sir, sorry, sir, I late, sir, sorry" said Anetta being intimidated by Derek
    "You better answer me or I am going to let you go" replied Derek
    "OOOO, I let city life get the worst of me, I go out, I party, I got fucked this morning and could barely move, I want to try, I want improve but I keep fucking up" replied Anetta
    "Too many fucks up so far Anetta, what am I going to do with you, right now the only option is for me to let you go and look for work elsewhere" said Derek
    "Sir, no, you can't, NO PLEASE, no please!" replied Anetta
    "Tell me why I should keep you around then, what do you have that others do not?" Asked Derek
    "What you want, please, anything boss, anything, what you want" asked Anetta
    "What do you have to give to me?" Asked derek

    Anetta gulped and asked Derek, "we are only two people on this floor right?"
    "Thats right, what happens here stays here, what are you suggesting?"
    "Anything to save my ass and my job, what can you do?"

    Derek walked over to Anetta and rubbed her cheeks. He then got closer to her and smelled her, "didn't shower today did you?".
    "Sorry boss, I was trying to get here on time"

    Derek looked at Anetta and said: "Since you can fuck with the best of them, you got two choices, either fuck me every single day you are late to work including today, or go look for a job elsewhere".

    Anetta smiled at Derek, took her clothes off fast and got naked. She came at Derek who had his suit on and hugged him. At 6 ft she towered over him but Derek grabbed both of her ass cheeks and started to suck on her nipples softly. The taste pleased his mouth as Anetta pulled down his pants and grabbed his dick. Her hand kept running up his dick, it ran for longer than usual until she realized that he had a 10 inch penis. Anetta was used to only sucking and fucking 6 to 7 inch cocks. She knew it was too late to back out but she hoped she could suck him off so well that he wouldn't have to fuck her up the ass.

    After 5 minutes Anetta was still having her titts sucked by Derek, she tried to move away and back him off but Derek held a tight grip on her and kept on sucking on her titts. 2 minutes later he opened his eyes after removing his mouth from her titts:

    "MMMMM, girl you get the best titties in the world" he said

    Anetta smiled and got on both knees to suck Derek, she tried all sorts of methods, she sucked him slow and hard, she used her tongue fast and slow, she used her hands and mouth, but after 5 minutes there was no cum.

    "ddaaaammnnn girl, ooo, that felt gooodd, now lemme get a taste of ya!" said Derek in please

    Anetta kept sucking but Derek got his dick out of her mouth, stood her up, got on his knees and moved his mouth and nose towards her pussy. As he sniffed it, he noticed that though Cecilia hadn't showered, it smelled natural. He went in for the licking and kept doing so passionately for 5 minutes.

    "Oooooooooo boss, OH OO OOO OOOO!" yelled Anetta
    "69 BOSS, 69 PLEASE" said Anetta
    Derek picked Anetta up and did a standing 69, Anetta tried her luck again, for nearly 4 minutes she tried everything with her mouth and hands to make Derek cum, no luck! Anetta was also squirting a bit, Derek knew how to eat pussy.

    After Derek became tired of the 69 he put Anetta down and said, "damn bitch, you slick, I know why you asked for that 69!"
    "No, I want to please you, I want you to be pleasured!" said Anetta
    "Naw bitch, you didn't want all this dick up in that pussy!" said Derek
    "No, I am okay boss, why would I resist it!" said Anetta
    "Don't matter now bitch, if you wanna keep yo job, you better take this damn dick up that nice ass!" Said Derek

    Anetta's legs started to shake, Derek look at her, smiled, and said "BEND OVER WOMAN!". Anetta looked down in depression and decided to bend over for her future, she felt a funny feeling. Derek was licking her ass, his tongue was going up and down it, he was licking it fast, and Anetta loving this decided to put her cheeks closer to his face and shake them. 5 minutes later, when Derek was finished licking her ass, Anetta grabbed his dick and started to rub it, Derek batted her hand off, put a lot of lotion on his hand and fingered Anetta's ass. "This gonna get u ready!".

    Anetta moaned hard, Derek moved his hands well and she was feeling pains in her ass already. 2 minutes later Derek grabbed Anetta by the hair, pushed her head against the table, and slowly put his dick into her.

    "Oooooooo, ooooooooo, aaaaaaaaaaa shit, OOO, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" yelled Anetta
    Derek took it out and put it in again, this time it was faster.
    As Anetta was in a missionary position, Derek grabbed her tight, hugged her against himself and fucked her fast and hard.
    Anetta was breathing hard, sweating, yelling, and screaming for nearly 5 minutes until her voice gave out. When Derek pulled out 10 minutes later, sweating himself, Anetta could not move a leg. As she tried getting up, she fell. She laid on the ground, face first, squinting her eyes and making a face of pain. Derek smiled, got on top of her, and got her in a speed bump position. While in a speed bump position, Derek unleashed all of his speed and power into Anetta's ass for nearly 5 minutes. The feeling was great for him but Anetta had to close her eyes and make the expression of pain the whole way. 2 minutes in, she was back to yelling.


    Derek went slow after 5 minutes, while still in the speed bump position, he slowly fucked Anetta, he had the best feeling of his life while Anetta was about to cry from pain.

    After the Speed Bump, Derek fucked Anetta in the folded deck chair position slowly but passionately. Nearly 5 minutes in he felt the need to switch positions, he switched Anetta into a doggystyle position, while fucking her in it for 5 minutes, he smacked her hard on the ass nearly 60 times.

    As Anetta's ass was sore and pink from the smacking, Derek stuck his dick in her mouth and let her blow for nearly 5 minutes. After letting her blow, Derek made Anetta ride his dick, after riding it for 4 minutes he made her grind on it and heard her yell the worst shouts ever. As Anetta was sweating and breathing hard she tried to grind with what was left in her. Derek slapped her on the ass and kept doing it until she lost feeling there.

    Towards the end derek put anetta in a doggystyle position for 5 minutes and blew a load on her face.

    A few minutes later he took a picture and put it on his desk

    Anetta was hardly ever late again but Derek still managed to start a fun relationship with her. One that Anetta learned to enjoy.

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    Re: should not have been late

    This may just be positions being called different things in different places, but what are speed bump and folded deck chair positions?

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    Re: should not have been late

    4, very good

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