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Thread: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

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    Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom
    By lilguy
    Cuckold, femdom, tease and denial fun follows

    Note- This is a work of fanfiction. In no way do I suggest this woman act this way in real life. If she did she would be arrested and force to seek professional help. It just my own little wimpy fantasies

    Ted was your average day Peeping Tom pervert. He took picture of porn stars and celebrities without them knowing and publishes it on his website, Gianna Michaels was one of his targets. She was a gorgeous and wild porn start, with huge breast and black hair. She stood 5.10 and was known for her thick ass and big breast and just a wild slutty demeanor

    She had a wide mouth, and perfect blow jobs lips, as well as a cute button nose. Ted was ready. He had found where she lived, hopped the fence and climb up in the tree. He had been watching the places for days waiting to strike. He held the camera to the window. She could see Gianna from her bed room. Nothing kinky happen for hours. He just watched her in blue bath robe that showed plenty of cleavage. She put the zoom on for great affect. Still it was nothing X-rated. That was until she brought out her friend. Gianna laid in bed and pop in a porn movie. She took out a long pink vibrator that was shape like a cock. Her face blushed as she drove the dildo deep inside her. She licked her hand and spit on the toy to get it lubed up

    "That's more like it bitches" Ted Said

    He took out his cock and began stroking. Meanwhile Gianna was going faster and faster. She took the remote and turn up the TV. Ted could here a girl climaxing on film. She was using two hands to drive the dildo in. She was humming trying to hold in her scream of pleasure

    "Oh fuck yea you bitch" Ted Said

    He said it too loudly. Gianna turn

    "WHAT THE FUCK" She Said

    She started him. He fails out the tree, and hit a couple of branches on the way down. He was knocked out.

    He woke up tied naked to a chair that was nailed to the floor. He found himself with a wicked hard erection. His vision was dazey

    "What the hell" He Said

    "Gave you a little serum…to make sure you up and ready to go all night" Gianna Said

    His vision came back and he saw Gianna with a skimpy bra barely, holding in her soft warm globes. The bra was small and blue. She had G string underwear with lacey fabrics

    She squeezed her breast mooshing her soft breast into pancakes. His cock almost was ready to burst.

    "Do want to touch these" She Said "Want to suck my big juicy tits"



    She slapped him across the face. He would of fail down is the chair was nailed to the ground. 4 more slaps hit his face leaving him whimpering. She grabbed his hair and stood over his face. She spit on him leaving a goob of spit. Gianna licked her hand and put her hand in a stroking position. She moved her hand up and down inches from his cock

    "Bet you wished I was touching you cock doesn't you. Bet you wish had my sweet warms lips wrapped around you throbbing cock, filling my throat with your juice. Well never going to happen SLUT"

    She slapped him again and walked in from of him. Her big booty shook as she walked. She took some baby oil and squeezed it dripping it on her ass. Her ass glisten with the oil, making ever curve popped out. She rubbed her cheeks together putting it inches from his face

    She pulled her G string up, wedging it between her pussy lips. He could see the wetness of her pussy dripping down on the g string. She slipped her finger deep into her pussy, parting her lips. The smell of her pussy juice went through her nose.

    "Like that baby, want this big ass in your face. Want to fuck it" She Said

    She gave herself a slapped on his ass. She turns around and ran her sticky finger across his lips

    She pulled off her G string and tossed it across the room. Her pussy was perfect, nice and shaved and dripping wet. She grabbed his hair so he could take the sight all in. She walked away from him turn around giving him a view of her ass cheeks as she made it slapped together. She snapped off her bra, giving him a view of her back. She gave her ass a little jiggle.

    "Please just let me touch it"

    She laughed

    "You so fucking pathetic. I wouldn't touch you cock if it came money" She Said

    She bent over showing off her smooth buttocks that were now glistening with baby oil. She turns around showing off her rock hard nipples. Her nipples were round and pink, and she had sexy tattoos on her body. The oiled poured over her body, creating a water fall between her tits. The oils ran down her long luscious legs. She massages the oil into her breast driving him wild. Worst let he couldn't even touch himself to enjoy it. She smirked knowing it was torture

    Gianna put a nipple in her mouth, sucking it and massaging her other breast with her free hand. Her lipstick was bright red, and her tongued licked across the bottom lip. She slowly moved her hand down between her thighs and plunged and finger deep into her pussy

    "Mmmmmmm" She moaned "You will…NEVER..EVER…EVER get to fuck this…because you're not a man"

    She started to moan as her plunged faster and faster


    She bit her lip and her face began to blush. She came, as her body shook. Pussy juice sprayed like old faithful, drenching the poor man's face.

    "Ahhh Did I make a mess, let me wipe it off" She Said

    She slams her breast into her face smothering him only releasing it till a second before he would have passed out. She did it again laughing at him. She continued this titty torture till she was satisfied her was properly scarred

    "Like that you little pussy" She Said

    She straddled his lap, his cock pressed against her ass

    "You want that cock inside my ass baby; you want to fill my tight hole"

    "Please just let me, touch you little bit"


    She grabbed his neck and squeeze

    "Could kill you slut…could snap you neck right now"

    She twisted his balls with her other hand.

    Gianna spit on his face again. His face was getting blue as she continued to squeeze his neck. He could feel his cock sliding between her butt cheeks but not entering. Her butt cheeks clench his shaft sliding up and down faster and faster

    She let go seconds before it would have been too late. Another hard slap cross his face, then a slap turns into a punch. She laughed wildly and took a long lick of his face.

    "Your mind….nobody even knows you here. Going to make my assboy, going to use all my toys and turn you out. You will cum when I Tell you…could be NEVER!!!"

    She nibbled on his neck, leaving long and deep hickies. She took his cock and rubbed it against his pussy. She bit his lip stretching it.

    "You feel that, you want my pussy lips milking that pathetic cock of yours. Know you watch my movies slut, know you jerked that pathetic cock, shot your little jizz. Well that the last time you're going to cum in a long...long time you blue balled wimp"

    The bell rang Gianna spit on him as she got up.

    "Think my friend came over" She Said

    She went down stairs. Ted didn't see anything but he heard a lot of laughing. It was her and a man voice. Gianna gave up with a big smirk on her face. She was holding the hand of male porn star TJ cumming. He was wearing Jean and white shirt with buttons open showing off his superior muscles. Gianna had a glass of scotch in her hand.

    "Is this the Wussy pervert" He Said

    "Yea" Gianna Said

    She put the glass down on the bed. Gianna kissed him, the two of them swap spit as she unzipped his pants and took out his massive cock.

    "Should kick his ass" He said

    "Don't worry, already did…fucking pussy" She Said

    She took finish off the glass of scotch.

    "Oh are you thirsty" She Said

    She took the glass and put it on the floor. She hovered over in and took a piss in the glass. Ted tried to close his mouth as she approach. She grabbed his and kneed his balls


    She made him sipped it all down.

    "Don't spit it out"

    In the background TJ was already taking off his clothing, getting naked. He took laid down and Gianna got into 69 positions. She moaned as he ate her pussy. Gianna took his cock in his mouth, taking the long length of his cock deep into his mouth till it hit her mouth. She gagged on it and bit and started milking his cock faster and faster, fisting it when ever it was out of his mouth. Her hand massage his cock making TJ moaned as she sucked the balls.

    "This is how a REAL man cock looks like" Gianna Said "Not that pimple you call a cock"

    TJ tongue twirled around her pussy like a tornadoes. His tongue ran back and fourth with expert ease zeroing in on all her sweet spots.Gianna screamed as she started to cum.


    She was tit fucking him licking his shaft

    "Cum in my face….cum in my face you fuck" She Said

    She looked at Ted

    "Don't you look away, watch it, watch me take this cock of a real man" She teased

    He came a stream of cum, shooting it deep in her mouth. Gianna gargled it in her mouth letting it dripped down.

    "Fuck still hard, you're a beast" Gianna Said

    She licked her lips opening her mouth so Ted could see the cum dripped. Ted struggled, pulling as hard as he could but the ropes were tied to tight. He pulled till he had rug burns.

    TJ got up and place her in the doggy position on bed. Her pulled her hair and was slamming it deep in. His cock filled her just enough before the breaking point, where it got to painful. She could hear the sound of his balls slapping her ass, and the smell the sweat dripping down both their bodies.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooood" She Said "Fuck me…fuck me harder"

    Ted never saw a woman in just ecstasy, getting her pussy pounded so hard. He was putting him to shame. TJ grabbed her luscious breast and grinded into her. Her ass pressed against him, feeling her warm skin against her

    "Cumming" She screamed

    She came down on his cock, but it just pounded her, making her pussy overflow with cum. She grabbed her arms and had she wrapped her legs around him. He stood up holding her up by her arms as slammed the cock in her pussy some more.

    "That…just ridiculous" Ted Said

    "Shut the fuck up whore. Watch it…watch this real man...fuck my pussy. You will NEVER ever have this you dumb whore."

    Ted so wanted to switch places with him. He could only watch as he made her cum again and again, feeling her up with his seed. Both Gianna and TJ was soon drench in sweat. Gianna tits were bouncing up and down. They perform ever position they could think off. For 2 hour straight the fucked.

    Gianna lay on the bed, both her whole dripping with cum. Her tits were drench, overflowing with TJ jizz. She took a hit of a cigarette and smiled.

    "Damm that was good"

    "Anytime babe" TJ said

    TJ was putting his clothes on

    "What you going to do with the wuss" TJ said

    Gianna blew smoke through the air.

    "Oh got plans" Gianna smirked

    10 Days later

    He was tied up in the basement, chemical that kept his cock hard was in his body. It kept him in a constant state of arousal. A TV played Gianna porno 24/7. He heard someone walked down.

    Gianna turn on the lights. She was wearing tight leather jeans and belly shirt. Both were red. She had up a glass with yellow liquid

    "Hey slut..Time for your drink"

    The End

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom 2
    By lilguy
    Cuckold, femdom, tease and denial fun follows

    Ted was down in Gianna basement. It been 2 months sense he got caught peeping on Gianna and he haven't cum. He was chain up and stripped naked. He had two black eyes and bruised all over his body. Gianna had left him a little bowl to eat out and weaken him. He had to hear her making love to some well hung guy upstairs all night and day

    He heard the footstep of her high heals. Gianna was wearing a pair of 6 inch heals and some fishnet stocking. Her panties were black and lacey. As she walked down the steps her could see her thick ass jiggle. Ted always thought she had a nice thick ass namely for a white girl. It was a perfect ass you could grab on and look nice and tight. Gianna had smooth creamy skin. She wore a tight black bra as she walked down. Her breast were huge, barely be held in by the bra that was 2 size to small. Her hair was pitch black and she had exotic Betsy Blue AKA Blue Eyes. Her eyebrow were long and black and she had a wild smirk in her eyes of a woman he been roughly fucked. She had been drinking and was a bit tipsy. She looked down at Ted like he was a bug.

    "Hello slut" She Said

    She bent over showing her cleavage. He found that it was gobs of cum between her tits, making her tits glisten. She ran her finger down on chest, taking a gob of cum. She put it inches from his mouth and gave it a suck.

    "Little Gift from one of my boyfriend. Big thick cock mother fucker. Not a loser like you Nothing better then tit fucking a real man while laughing at what a LOSER you are"

    She pushed her tits in her face

    "Clean it faggot"

    Ted knew if he didn't do as told he be punish. Also he would do anything to be this close to her breast. He was force the lick the gobs of cum from her cleavage. She was smothering him making it hard to breath.

    She stood up and smiled. She looked at her tits.

    "You did a good Job. You should be very proud fag" She Said

    She gave him a hard slap on the face. Gianna took her bra off showing her rock hard nipples that look like it could cut glass. She grabbed his hair and licked his tears from his face. Gianna took his cock in her hand started stroking it. His cock was rock hard, and throbbing. She squeezed his cock and fists his cock. Her tits were pressed against him. He felt himself about to cum. She stopped squeezing his balls. She bit his ear.

    "No you don't faggot…your not cumming"

    He whimpered, which resulted in another hard slap, sending him on the ground. A fist hit his gut knocking the wind out of him.

    "Kiss my feet" She Said

    He did as told licking between her toes. Gianna kicked him.

    "Enough…your enjoying it to much" She Said

    She walked in front of him turning around. She gave her big ass a jiggle and slowly removes her underwear. She tossed it in his face. Gianna smirked and grabbed his food bowl. She stood bent down shaking her ass. She squeezed her cheeks, and she saw her asshole was filled with cum. She squeezed it out a stream of cum came out of her ass.

    She turn around showing her pussy filled with cum. She bent back, placing her hand on the ground and finger herself with the other. Her pussy was shaved and dripping wet. She parted her pussy lips with her finger showing pink. Gianna started to finger herself

    "Open wide slut"

    She plunge her hand in her clit and rubbed her sweet spot. Ginna squired a long stream of cum on his face.

    "Oh Shit that was good"

    Gianna was now dripping with sweat and pushed the bowl over.

    "Drink" She commanded

    Ted slurped it out, crying while he did.

    "Please…just let me cum ounce"


    She grabbed his hair and lifted him up a bit. She spit in his face before shoving his face in the bowl. She stood him up and began stroking again. This time faster and harder.

    "What you doing down there" A female Voice Said

    Down came a tall woman, with huge tits, a shapely body and smooth skin. She was white, blond, and tall with big Betsy Blue AKA Blue Eyes. Her hair was big, tits were big, ass was big, and her personality was big. Her name was Flower Tucci. She walked down starked naked accept for a 12 inch strap on that seem to be soaked with pussy juice. A droplet of pussy juice dripped down the head of the thick black strap on.

    She walked down and grabbed Gianna by the hair. Gianna grabbed her ass giving it a tight squeeze and slapped with the other hand. The two women kissed, wrestling their tongues deep in each other mouths. Gianna got her hand between her cheeks, fingering her asshole. The two women breast was squeezed into each other, mashing into one another.

    The broke away, making a necklace of spit between their mouths

    "Still dealing with this little shit" Flower smirked

    "Just love teasing him" Gianna said "He my little hobby"

    Flower turns her around, and squeezed Gianni's tits. She gave them a big squeezing, massaging them round and round together.

    "Bet you wish this was you" Flower said kissing her neck

    Gianna licked her lips and took the strap on. She slipped it in her pussy, splitting her pussy lips.

    "Show him how to handle a pussy" Gianna teased

    Flower was slamming it deep inside her, as Gianna backed up against her, feeling her up. Flower kissed her, sucking on her tongue as the dildo was going in and out faster and faster. Flower knew where to go, bringing her to the edge and stopping. Both girls fucked it perfect precession.

    "Fuck my pussy baby, Want to those balls to slap my ass red" Gianna moaned

    "Ohhhh Fuck she tight" Flower Said looking at you "Damm I bet you love fucking this…oh wait you never had"

    They both flipped him the middle finger as the fucked. Gianna pussy juiced was dripping down the cock. They both had big smirks on their face and started to laugh.

    "Oh Look he crying" Flower Laugh

    "Told you he was pathetic"

    "Can see why you like teasing this geek"

    She grabbed Gianna arms and slammed it harder, stretching her arms back. She grabbed Gianna hair and said...

    "Look closely loser. Here something you probably won't see. A face of a woman when she cums after a hardcore fucking" Flower Said

    "Ohhhhhh shiiiiitttttttttt fuck…..fuuuuuuuuuuck me" Gianna Said

    Her pussy was soaked with juiced. She let out a scream as she came, dripping down Flower's Strap on. She kept slamming it deep inside her. Gianna face blushed as bodies stuck together with each other sweat. She was brought to climax after climax as the head of the dildo hit her pussy walls

    Flower pulled it out, and Gianna dropped to her knees and licked the juiced clean off.

    Flower spit on him, followed by Gianna hawking a spit on him. They laughed giving him 4 middle fingers to look at it

    Flower grabbed him by his hair and made him look at her. She pointed to Gianna.

    "See that….that's perfection" Flower Said

    Gianna laughed and did a little turn showing off her ass. She bent over.

    "Where Porn STARS! We don't fuck little losers like you in real life. We fuck REAL men with monster cocks that tear our pussies apart. Real men that can bring us to climax after climax till our mother fucks legs gave out. Men that will slam us against the wall. We fuck Shaft..Not Urkel, you little fuck. Brad Pitt…not pee Wee herman nerd. These TITS only get cummed all my studs and MILLONARES" Flower Said

    "Cant believe the little nerd, tried to peep at me" Gianna said

    "Please I am sorry" He Said

    Flower slapped him hard

    "Shut up worm. That dick is OURS, and we decided if it cums or not. Your going to be our WHORE"

    Flower punched him making him screamed in pain. She tossed him down on the ground. She spit on him again

    "Lets go..We got real men to fuck" Flower Said

    "When we come back…believe that tight ass of your getting FUCKED…by our little toys..where going to ride your ass rotten…you wont be able to shit for weeks…where going to DESTROY you" Gianna Said

    She put her arm around Flower and they kissed as they walked upstairs.

    The End - To see sexy drawing I paid for, Art, and ask for customs

    to see interactive stories

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom 3
    By lilguy
    Cuckold, femdom, tease and denial fun follows strapon

    Flower Tucci and Gianna Michaels walked down the steps. They were naked accept for their strapons

    Flower had a 12 inch strap on, 3 inches in length. It was pink and had a vibrating tip. Her blond hair flowed over her face after having a night of hot sex with any buff guy she could find. Her tattoos glisten with sweat. Next to her was Gianna with a 12 inch black strap on, same lengthy, accept it was curved. Their toys glisten with lubed. Their tits glisten with cum.

    "Told you we be back faggot" Gianna Said

    Ted was chain to the wall, shaking with fear.

    "Bend your ass over" Flower Said

    She didn't waste any time, pushing him on the ground. She slammed her toy deep inside, him, spreading his cheeks and slamming into his prostate. He moaned with pain and odd sense of pleasure as she was hitting her wall. Flower pulled his hair slamming it in.

    "His ass really taking…slut much LOVE it…do you love it slut" Gianna scoled.

    "Damm never saw a girl take so much." Flower laughed

    Gianna grabbed his hair making him look at the mirrors on the wall

    "LOOK at yourself your whore….look at how pathetic you are. Going to make you suck that strap on, make you suck all your filth of" Gianna said

    Ted saw Flower Behind, sweat dripping down her curvy body as she slammed into him. She flipped him the bird as she slapped his ass. His ass cheeks were bruise as the palm of her hand connected. Her looked comical, tears running down his eyes, as this curvy Amazon rammed him from behind.

    Gianna shoved her toys in his mouth and both girls slammed them from all sides. They kissed each other, feeling each other soft and sultry lips against one another

    "Love big dick men, but sometime its fun to fuck some wimpy pussy" Gianna Said

    "Look he crying again" Flower laughed.

    "Fucking whore takes it like a man" Gianna Said

    Gianna put her finger over his nose making it hard to breath for a bit. She release it when he was about to pass out.

    "Don't bite it; slut…let it hit the back of your throated. Don't want teeth marks on my new toy" Gianna Said

    The two women high five each other

    "So after we finish fucking this whore what you want to do" Flower Said

    "I don't know. There this Biker Ball…with these big dick guys. Real men..not like this slut. Figure we let them fuck us against the bar. There some nice nasty, tattooed muscle bound guys there" Gianna Said

    "Hmmm Know a Gym to. I can bring them over to laugh at this asshole" Flower Said

    "Shit girl…that will be fun" Gianna said slapping Ted

    "Think he bleeding…should we go gentle…may damage him" Flower Said

    "Fuck em"

    Both girls laughed

    "We should give him a bitch shake" Gianna Said

    "Whats that"

    "Oh never gave a bitch one. That where you get some real men to cum. Collect that in a blender, then have people use that as a toilet, drip some pussy juice or breast milk, mixed it up with some milk and blend it all together and make the bitch drink ever drop. A bitch shakes"

    Flower was grinding deep into him, not even looking at him but talking to Gianna.

    "The whore actually does that" Flower asked

    "Oh he doing anything I fucking want. Don't even have to chain this slut up anymore. Do it for fun and to keep his hand off his dick. One time he tried to escape. I beat the shit out of him and dragged his bitch ass back down here an ass raped him. He been a perfect obedient slut ever sense. He terrified of me. Boy trembles like a scared little bunny ever time I so much as raise my voice!!!" Gianna Said

    "Ahhhhh how cute" Flower Laughed

    "Oooooo You got a lot of spit on my cock slut you much be getting real good at this" Gianna Said

    The two women started to kiss again. Gianna tongue wrestles in Flower's mouth making her moan. They started to grab each other breast gently massaging them. Both girls slammed the toys all the way in at the same time and kept it there for a minute. They pulled out and slammed it all the way in again

    20 minutes later the girls switch places

    Gianna stretch out his asshole, grabbing a fist full of her hair. She was force to lick Flower's messy dildo clean

    "Damm you really did a number on this ass…it not much left" Gianna left

    "Slaves like this a dime a doze. I give you a dollar to buy a new one" Flower laughed.

    "How your shit taste faggot" Gianna smirked

    His legs soon went limp after the pounding. Both girls pulled out and made him suck both strapons at the same time.

    Gianna pulled off her strapon showing a dripping wet pussy. She shoved his face in.

    "Lick my clit…like I taught you. Higher you dumb fuck" Gianna Said "Right there right fucker"

    He sucked her clit, humming on it to vibrate it. His tongue dived in like a tornadoes licking like a man starving for nourishment. He had grown addicted to the taste of her pussy. It was the closes he came to fucking her. The tip of his tongue licked her sweet spot as she grinded into him. Flower was taking off the strap on

    "Ohhhhhhh Yesssss" Gianna moaned "Cummmmmmmming. Take all my juices you wimp"

    Flower grabbed him by his hair and shoved his face into her cunt.

    "Fuck….this guys tongue well" Flower Said

    "Figure the fag is good at giving head" Gianna Said

    Flower wrapped her legs around his head and began slamming him

    "Fuckkkkkkkk raping your ass got me hot" Flower Said "Ha look at this whore giving us head, feel like I am a rapper in one the those video and this is my hoe."

    Flower slammed her fist on his head

    "Big wammys" Flower Said

    This causes both women to laugh. Her tongue teased her pussy lips, sucking and stretching it. She mad him look up at her as he sucked her.

    "Hungry little slut aren't you. I think I make you lick me all day next time and use your back to hold my Beer. Gianna can fuck you from behind." Flower Said

    Her cheeks started to blush as she came. The girls passed him around to each other making him bring them to climax with his tongue. This tongue was sore to the point he could barely moved it. When that happen they just use his face like a dildo slamming against. The laid him down on the ground and took turns riding his face.


    He laid on the ground whimper

    "So long BITCH" Flower Said spitting on him

    "Tada for now" Gianna Said "Good like with those blue nuts bitch"

    Gianna gave him two middle finger and spit on him. She stomped on his balls hard making him scream

    "Let's get the fuck out of here" Gianna Said

    They put their arms around each other. Ted could just cry as he saw their thick asses as they walked away. - To see sexy drawing I paid for, Art, and ask for customs

    to see interactive stories

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    Aside from horrible spelling and grammar, the story is fantastic. Love the first episode but wish she would have forced him to lick up tj's cum or spat it on him. Maybe Jinxypie can teach her how lol
    You want to call me a dog, then don't be suprised when I hump your leg

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    That was pretty good! I could picture Gianna doing all of that to the poor dude! She seems a little too light hearted in real life to be that mean.

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    ohhh I know

    I ummm took some liberties - To see sexy drawing I paid for, Art, and ask for customs

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom 4
    By lilguy
    Cuckold, femdom, she takes Ted to her porn Set

    Warning- Cuckolding, extreme humiliation, spanking and other nasty things. So not more normal shoot em up Amazon story. You been warn.

    Gianna Michaels was filming a scene for her new movie as part of her new Porn Company. It was a spoof of Eva Berger AKA Red Sonja, with her in a red wig. They had her getting fucked by a well hung black man. His hard cock stretches her pussy. The man was a strong ox, thick filled with muscle. He still had an everyman face and kind of resembled a young will Smith.

    She was on top of the man, as her gripped her ass, digging her finger into her ass flesh. Her massage them with her fingers making her moan. Her gigantic tits were bouncing up and down. She smiled getting into..Lauging with joy as she rode him. Her tits were big and pillowy and look great when they were squeezed together, especially when they were dripping with sweat. She licked her lips seductively and looked down on him with a wry smile and wink.

    "Like that don't you fucker!!" She Said

    "Damm girl you're beautiful" The Man Said

    Behind her was a hot looking black girl name Jada Fire. She was a hot looking black porn start. Her tits weren't as big as Gianna but her ass was nice and thick. She had dark black skin, nice and smooth. Her skin always looked great next to Gianna Milky skin. Gianna had more curves but Jada had the nice firm ass. Jada spread her ass cheeks and started licking Gianna hole, pushing it deep into Gianna ass. Gianna grabbed Jada hair giving her a hot filthy look. Her deep Betsy Blue AKA Blue Eyes were looking deep in Jada.

    "Yea Eat up..Baby" Gianna moaned

    "Damm Girl…you taste just like Sugar".

    The man was slamming his cock upward inside her. The camera did a close up of her thick vieny cock slamming into her. It hit her G spot Gianna screamed with pleasure.

    The place was filled with the film crew and they all were cheering her on. Everyone was happy accept for one person. He was another black man...not as tough looking. A nerdy man that made Al Roker look like Malcolm X. He was thin and had bit of baby face. She hung his head down like a beaten dog. His name was Ted and he had Met Gianna a while ago. Gianna caught him peeping at her in her home...and she caught him. He was beaten, tease, broken and enslave. Sense then she made him her bitch. She wasn't allowed to cum ever. Gianna took great joy teasing him and taking him to the edge only to stop. She forces him to use a penis pump so his cock was even more raging all the time. She was her house keeper, personal pussy eater, toilet, assistant and every other degrading thing she could think of. Gianna would call him urkel, dumbfuck and would humiliate him any change her get. Strapon paddles and whips were among the money things.

    She smirked as she saw him through the corner of her eyes. Ted was wearing his Chastity Belt under his tight sweat pants. In his hands he was holding her lunch. Getting her lunch wouldn't be that humiliating but it was what he had to wear. First the pants were 2 sizes to small. People could see that Tattoo over his ass that said "Gianna Michaels AKA Gianna Michael's Bitch". His pants were pink and behind it were the words "BABY PHAT". Her shirt was a tight Belly shirt and said "Princess with Sparkles". She wore a collar around his neck with his name around it and sandals. Worst let he had to carry the money in Gianna purse. It was humiliating.

    She wanted to make sure he saw how a real man fucks a woman. He knew he would be never inside you. His cock was ready to explode just watch her. Gianna screamed as her body got hit with a multiple climax. She bit her lip as the man under her slammed inside her. Ted recognized the man. The personal current Gianna showed Ted pictures of him to show Ted was a man should look like. The guy name was "Don the Big Black Dong". Ted assumed that wasn't his Christine name. He assumed her earn it cause his first name was in fact Don. That part her believe was true. The second part was added due to him having a rather large black Dong. He would never mention that though. Otherwise Gianna might punish him by posting a picture of Ted in her panties on the net.

    "Fuckkkkkk cum inside me" She Said

    Don Lifted her up and stood on the bed. Her grabbed hold of her ass and slammed her up and down his cock. Both of them were sweaty and she pressed her tits into his strong chest.

    "Shit" Gianna screamed with climax "Give it all to me you big dick bastard"

    Ted watch and sighed and thought to himself no girl really wants a cock that big. Its gross he said to himself. But he knew deep down that was just him hating. So he stood there holding a drink, and sandwich, her designer purse, and a cinnamon bun bag.

    "Damm Girl…your pussy so tight" Said Don the Big black Dong, as said Dong proceeded to cum.

    Her pussy was overflowing with cum as he slammed it in and out. She put her head into his shoulder and laughed with joy. She kisses his chest with big lips that had pink lipstick and lip balm on it.

    "Damm Girl..Your wild" Don Said

    "That why you Love me" Gianna Said

    They pulled out showing her pussy dripping with cum. Gianna laid on the bed, and Jada sucked off the remaining cum from Don's penis.

    "Cut" Gianna Said

    "Good Job" The Director Said

    "Thanks" Gianna Said smiling back "It been great working for you"

    Gianna gave Don a hug and spoke to him in a sweet voice

    "Next scene tomorrow" Gianna Said "Everyone feel free eat the pizza outside. I order it on me"

    "Thanks" The Director Said

    "What a sweet girl" Another person Said

    She walked up to Ted and took her food. She took a sip of the drink.

    "You want some" Gianna Said "You Look tired"

    "Sure" Ted Said Happily

    Gianna took a gulp of the juice. She spit it in his face.

    "Drink up Faggot" She said spitting on him again.

    She pushed him down on his knees and spread her pussy lips. Her pussy was dripping with cum.

    "Clean it fag" She Said

    He got on his knees and started sucking her pussy. Gianna pushed his head and moaned. One thing she taught him how to do was give head. Jada saw it and laughed.

    "Wow can't believe he doing that…told me your assistant was a bitch but Damm" Jada Said

    Gianna laughed back

    "Told you, this little fuck does everything I told him" Gianna Said

    "You going to let that little white punk you like that" Jada Said

    Gianna wrapped her legs around him as her wet pussy juices mixed it. Her slurped up shamefully. Gianna moaned.

    "Shit…Casper the Friendly Ghost blacker then this little bitch" Gianna Said

    "You don't actually let this little bitch fuck you" Jada Said

    "Oh Hell No…this bitch aint getting this ass. Aint getting any ass as long as I have something to do. Get fucked in the ass maybe" Gianna Said

    Jada turn around showing off her ass. She pulled Ted hair and made him look

    "You mean he wont get this fat booty" Jada Said

    "No way" Gianna smiled

    She slapped Jada ass and spread her cheeks

    "Mmnmmmm to bad..I know Guys love it when you make that booty clap around their dicks. Boy wouldn't last 10 seconds" Gianna Said squeezing Jada booty

    Jada smiled and pushed her finger through her butt cheeks.

    "Met little PUNK ass bitches like you. In high school this one little wuss use to stare as this thick booty. Rich kid…thought he could impress me with money. Would follow me around like a little puppy. Buy me anything I wanted. Well one day I invited him to a hotel…that he paid for of course. I and my girls grabbed him…put on these thick strapon and run a trained on his little ass. Bitch was sore for months. We taped it, dress him up in women clothes and black mailed the bitch for the entire school year. Even tricked his ass out"

    Jada spit in his face. Gianna had him eat her again. She calmly took a sip of her drink.

    "Would trick his ass out but nobody would buy him" Gianna laughed

    "Yea is a predicament" Jada Said

    Gianna let out a moaned as she started to cum on his face.

    "Slurp it up slut…clean it all up" Gianna Said

    She pulled his hair back and spit in his face again.

    "Listen to me. Listen closely because I know you're slows…your aint ever..."

    "Never Ever" Jada Added

    "Going to fuck this Pussy. You never going to feel the joy of having your cock deep inside a girls MOIST…wet….tight…pussy" Gianna Said

    Jada started fingering herself and spreading her pussy lips

    "Never going to get into this Sugar Wall. Never going to get a feel of sweet chocolate" Jada Said

    "And creamy Vanilla" Gianna Added

    "Smallest Dick I ever seen on a Brother" Jada Said

    Gianna motion Don over

    "Hey Don..Come over and show him what a Real Dick looks like" Gianna Said

    "Damm you bitches are crazy" Don laughed

    "Come on..I promise I keep the little fairy off you" Gianna laughed

    He came over. Jada and Gianna put their arms around him. Gianna grabbed Don's cock and started stroking

    "Crawl back..And Look. See this…ready and hard. This dick should look like. She had thick his head is..Like a big mushroom overflowing with cum. That how a man dick should look like. Not like that little Kit Kat bar you has there" Gianna Said "Still Rock hard even after it came"

    People were gathering around laughing. Jada went down and took Don's cock. She put it in his mouth and began sucking. Her lips stretch wrapping around his shaft. Her spit dribbled down his cock and she gave him a sloppy blow job.

    "Ever do this to this geek" Jada Asked

    "Ha FUCK no" Gianna Said

    She spit on him

    "Pathetic Loser" Gianna Said

    Jada was sucking him faster and faster. Gianna took her tits and squeezed them together.

    "These are GRADE a…Porn Star AVN winning tits. These tits get tifuck by Football Player, movie stars and Real men. Not little fucks like you…your dumb pathetic pieces of shit"

    Gianna slapped him. He was sent to the ground. She brought him on his knees again.
    "Is this BITCH crying" Jada Said shocked

    Ted was stripped. She took off his Chastity Belt to show him nude. She held him up, twisting his hair.

    "Would any girl here...fuck this little wimp" Gianna Said

    Everyone laughed. The girls shook his head. Jada continued sucking Don. Her lips stick staining his cock. Don let out a moaned and came deep into Jada's mouth. Gianna pushed Ted on the ground and got to her knees sucking off Don. Don came in both the girls' mouths. The girls started to kissed each other swapping cum. Jada grabbed his face and started fingering herself. Jada was a when she brought herself to sprayed Ted in the face. It was a gusher and he was force to lick it up.

    She pushed him on the ground

    "Fucking Loser" Jada Said

    Gianna went to her clothes and took her belt. Jada grabbed hers. She whipped it at the floor. Ted crawled away in fear.

    "Where the FUCK you think you're going" Gianna Said

    She dragged him by his leg.

    "Whip his ass" She head someone cheer
    Some were putting taking pictures and filming it. They gathered around eating and drinking like it was a big show.


    He screamed in Pain.

    "Quit your struggle don't you move" Gianna Said

    "But it hurts" He Said

    "Then Quick moving or it hurt more…dumb sissy bitch" Gianna Said

    Jada got into it, hitting him with the belt.

    "Going to whup the black of your little ass" Jada Said

    Both girls were hitting him again and again. Laughter rang through the room as his ass was bruise. Some hits got between his legs. Other left marks on his ass and chest.

    "Love that Tattoo" Jada Said

    "Yea had it done myself..Think of getting whore tattooed across his chest" Gianna laughed

    Both girls were working up a sweat

    "Quit your CRYING…take it like a man" Gianna Said

    "Damm this good exercise" Jada Said

    "Yea….good Cardio…you see how trampling him burns calories" Gianna laughed.

    10 minutest past

    He laid there in a heap. Gianna and Jada snapped on two 12 inch strapon and took turns riding his ass. When one of them would pull out of his ass, they would then fuck his mouth as the other fucked him from behind

    Gianna gave his ass a slap.

    "Take that shit…takes it" Gianna Said "Dammit it your ass much of been taking my whole thing"

    Gianna Love looking at that tattoo that says he was her property, love seeing the dildo disappear in his mouth.

    "You never going to win any away…with cock sucking like that" Jada Said "Take the whole FUCKING thing in your mouth"

    She started to gag. Gianna pushed him toward Jada.

    "Heh its fun controlling playing Hungry...hungry hippo. Maybe put this on the net..So the whole world will know what a slut your are…smile to the Camera...slut. SMILE…that's a good girl. Give him a wave. I know this not a real cock little faggot…but don't want you enjoying yourself to much." Gianna laughed.

    Gianna stroked his cock..Bringing his close to the edge. Only to stop at the last minute.

    "Ohhhh he love this shit…fucking loser" Gianna Said "If I don't watch him he may shoot that nasty goo of his"

    "Cant has that" Jada laughed.

    They continued this assault for 20 minutes.

    Gianna grabbed his legs, and Jada grabbed his arms. They lifted him up fucking him from both ends. Gianna laughed and flexed doing a mock bodybuilder pose. The swung him back and fourth before releasing him. He flew slamming through a table. He could barely move. Gianna stood over him and spit in his face. She tossed his Chastity belt at him.

    "Put this on Loser. And go do the rest of your chores" Gianna Said

    Jada smiled

    "Bye bye loser"

    Don put his arms around the two ladies and walked away leaving Ted there. - To see sexy drawing I paid for, Art, and ask for customs

    to see interactive stories

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    hmm nice share...

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    Love your stories
    You want to call me a dog, then don't be suprised when I hump your leg

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    I would totally give in to all of your demands

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    Love teasing n denying fromsexy girls good job

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom


    Hotel, in Brazil

    The hotel was a luxurious place deep in the hills of the country side. There people could bask in the sun in the man maid oasis of drinks and water. The hotel was called Wet for its pool and hot tubs, whirlpools that gave a view of the country side and city below. It also got it name for the drinks and wild parties that were there. The pools were set up that it looks like it was a waterfall that was going over the mountains. The city reflected off the water, to make it look like your were swimming in the city.

    Gianna was there for sex expo where she would advertise her website. She brought her little cuckold chastity slave Ted with her as her assistant. She found his submissiveness and sniveling cowardace made him a great assistant. For one she didn't have to pay him, she would do any demeaning thing she asks; third he wasn't man enough to try to fuck her. He was just a tongue and something to take notes. Catching him peeping on her has worked out for her. She namely found it funny, explaining his chastity belt in airport security

    Gianna got out of the pool dripping wet. She had on tight two piece pink outfit. Her boobs were oozing out of her top. They were big, but nice soft and plump. She loved her breast, the way the jiggle just right like two bouncing balls. Like she had some puppeteers walking with her all day, but it was all real. Her body had nice curves and a thick ass that drove a lot black men wild. Real black men Gianna would say to Ted, and not wimps like him. She had an on G string that seems to act your floss for her thick cheeks. The water dripped down making her glisten in the sun. A smile cross her rosy red lips, making a wicked smirked. Her eyes were exotic, a mixture of maybe Asian, Spanish. Ted could never quite figure it out. He would Google it but his computer privileges were limited by her. She didn't want him touching himself and cumming. She told him he had lost the right to nut the moment he was caught master bating to her. She was a bit tipsy giving her wild powerful and dirty look. She was nasty but gorgeous. The girls next door mixed with the town harlot. A wild porn star that would suck a guy off and make them melts in her mouth, mixed with a dominatrix. Her hair hung down her chest, and she walk slowly out, knowing all eyes were on her. That tattoo on the back of shoulder brought even more attention to her.

    She watches Ted sitting alone, with his eyes fixed on her. She had made him get "Property of Gianna" tattooed in tramp stamp position. He was wearing tight swim trunks with his cock rock hard. She had made him use a penis pump to get it thicker and longer then the small size it was before. It was no DON JONSON still, but not micro either. His cock was raging, longing for a day she let him burst. His body was slim due to the diet regimen she kept him on. When she was walking toward him she looked down on him like he was a worm.

    "Got my drink pussy" Gianna Said

    He held her ice cold drink and an umbrella over it so the ice wouldn't melt. She looked up at him like a puppy to his master She walked over to him and grabbed it and drank it down. Her ass was close to the face as she turns. He cock was about to tear through his pants. She admires some of the glistening and well built men. She wonders if it was any candidate for a good time. She finishes her drink and then spat on him.

    "Fucking bitch. Quite looking at my Ass"

    "Sorry Mistress" He said meekly

    He looked at her hoping she least let him oil her down again. He enjoyed feeling her breast and watching them glisten under the oil. She handed him and empty glass.

    "Get me another glass loser" Gianna Said

    He did as told. While he walked back he saw her talking to a well buffed Mexican man that he was later learn name was Rico. She smiled at him as they were feeling each other up. Gianna put her hand down a man pants, biting her lower lip she looked at him with lust in her eyes and kissed him. Rico cock was huge and look like it was made of Latin steal.

    "Hey Faggot…want to see what a real dick looks like" Gianna Said

    She grabbed Rico cock and stroked it.

    "Look at..Like a big mushroom. Nice and Dark. Not like your little worm" Gianna Said

    Both Rico and Gianna laughed

    "He just sits there and take it" Rico Asked

    "Bitch does what ever I tell him. Kid has no balls" Gianna laughed "You believe caught him peeping on me. Kicked his ass, and he been my lapdog ever sense. Isn't that right"



    "Yes Mistress"

    "Good Girl" Gianna Said "Hey Rico…how about me and you go to my place and have some real fun. Have slut boys make us some drinks"

    Gianna stood up and kiss Rico. Her huge breast was pressed against his chest. He grabbed handful of her thick ass and gave it a slap. Gianna moaned getting wet as she felt his muscles

    "Sure thing baby…you're fucking wild" Rico Said

    "More wild then you think" Gianna laughed


    Ted stood naked, with his wrist and legs tied with tears running down his face. He was on the bed. Gianna was on her knees her breast waving back and fourth over him as Rico fucked Gianna from behind. She moaned licking her lips as Rico thick cock slammed into him, with a rhythm that came from a skill of being a dancer and athlete. She lost in the passion, hearing the sounds of his balls slapping her ass. He did long and slow thrust, slowly building up speed and tempo as her pussy got wetter. Ted could she the ecstasy in her eyes and closed his. Gianna slapped him

    "Don't you close your eyes wimp" Gianna Said

    She was looking down at Ted with wild eyes. She grabbed him neck and gave a squeezed.

    "Look at my eyes bitch…sees the pleasure that a real man gives me" Gianna Said "Open your mouth"

    She squeezed his cheeks opening his mouth. She spat him his mouth and then on his face. Gianna laughed widely licking his tears. Two more slaps hit his face

    "Fuck me Rico…fuck me HARDER….shit going to cum" Gianna Said

    Rico slapped her ass as he slammed harder. She felt a climax coming. Her face blushed. Her body started to shake as a long climax filled her body.

    "Oh FUUUUUUUUUUUCKED" Gianna screamed

    She came on his cock, dripping pussy juiced down his long shaft. She put her lips closer to Ted.

    "Want to kiss me little man, want to feel these soft juicy lips against me little man. Want to feel my tongue deep in your mouth" She Said

    She got close to the face show he could see the gleam of her lips stick and lip gloss. She gave playful bites over it. Her lips got close to his. He could feel her breath against her face.

    "Well forget it…that not going to happen now slut. Cause you're a little pussy. You're a little wimp sissy boy...who FUCK in the ass with my strapon…you will never please an ass as thick and sexy as thick your little fuck" Gianna Said and then laughed.

    She spat on him. She moaned back as Rico pulled her hair bringing her to another climaxed. She gripped her tits making him moan. Gianna felt his cock pulsating inside her ready to cum

    "Fuck my mouth...cum down my throat…wants to taste every drop" Gianna Moaned

    Rico stood up on the bed. Gianna grabbed his cock and started sucking his cock while straddling ted. She licked his shaft, making spit dripped down it. She could taste her juices on in and then started sucking it... She took his whole shaft.

    "Ohhhhh shit" Rico screamed

    He started to cum in her mouth. His cum was overflowing from her mouth as he was fucking her mouth. He smiled. Gianna smiled, letting the cum drip down her lips. She grabbed Ted by the hair and kissed him making his swallow it. She spat the cum on him

    "Faggot" Gianna Said and laughed wildly

    She gave him a slapped on the face. She untied

    "Make me some Dinner Slut. Me and Rico going to take a shower and have a little fun. Don't you dare wipe your face" Gianna Said


    Ted was in the kitchen, grumbling that Rico was making sweet love to Gianna and it wasn't. Not that if Rico wasn't there, Ted would be doing. He knew that logical. That didn't mean he couldn't be pissed. He was a black guy. He was the one that suppose to be doing the cuckolding. Maybe while posing for the Camera and flexing a bicep American Psycho style. Maybe while Gianna screaming "Oh no Ted...your cock to massive…it to big for my little pussy. Please I am no match for your pure Superfly like manliness. But none of that shit happen so far. His porn dreams were turning into a porn nightmare. Now Rico was macking on his dream girl.

    Rico stood in the corner eating an apple. He was getting dress.

    "You know she liked you" Rico Said

    "Yea and it shows" He Said Sarcastically

    "She just wants you to stand up to her. Trust me...even the most dominant woman want a man to take her, show her who boss. He was telling me how much he respects her more if you stood up to her. That it be a surprise. She just don't think you will"


    "Yea. Listen…we guys got to stick together. Anyway bout to go"

    Rico left. Ted washes his face. Was the cum off his face. Ted got ready and pumped himself up. He drank a little beer to get a buzz. Gianna came out nude, drinking some beer. She had a glow of a woman that just finish having mind blowing sex.

    "Where my food slut" She Said

    "Make you OWN FOOD YOU DUMB BITCH" He Said

    He slapped the beer out of your head

    "Have you lost your mind you little whore" Gianna Said

    "More Sane then I ever been. Things going to change around her. You're going to treat me with respect" He said pointing at her.

    She grabbed his finger and twisted it back. He screamed as Gianna slammed a fist in his gut taking his breath away. He Gasp as a right hook took him down. He tried to fight back but Gianna held his arm down slapping him senseless.

    "Who ( SLAP SLAP SLAP) the fuck (SLAP SLAP SLAP) you think your talking to (SLAP SLAP) you little bitch. Come here don't you fucking cover your face (SLAP SLAP)…you just make it worst..don't cover your face (Slap slap) little fucking wimp. Getting your ass kicked by a girl. Have you ever actually won a fight (Slap slap slap slap) fucking sissy. That why you never fuck a pussy (slap slap) like this you fucking cry baby wuss" Gianna scolded

    She twisted his nipples and spat on him giving him punches to the ribs... He tried to push her away. But she grabbed his wrist and slapped him. She laughed

    "Oh my fucking god…is this how you fight. You're just a pussy. You fight like a 12 year old girl" She Said

    "S…s…sorry…. I never (sniff sniff ) I 'm sorry..stop"

    She gave him punches to the ribs. She changes her slaps to back hand coming down at furious speeds. Ted hair was grabbed and brought to his feet. She dragged him to the bed room and flipped him over the bed. Gianna went into her cabinet and put on a 15 inch strapon and started lube it. The black strapon glisten with the lube and look terrifying to Ted. Ted knew she was adept at using it and could bring him to his knees. She grabbed him by the hair and pushed the dildo deep in his ass with out mercy. It screamed as the strapon widen his ass and pressed against his prostate

    "Don't you ever..try…to stand…up for you ineligible rights again.

    She pulled his hair and gave his ass a slapped

    "You how your tiny little asshole taking it. You're a real fucking slut. Know some producers who would love a little tart with those skills. Maybe put you in some lesbians films..You can past for a chick. Your cock small enough you little sissy. Feel this. This what a cock should feel like. Nice, thick and fat. This is how you fuck a woman..Nice, rough fast with smooth stroke. Not cumming it a couple of second. Not cumming because you're getting your little sissy ass raped"

    "Owwww Please Rico told me you want me to stand up to you"

    "While he was clearly wrong your little sissy. I keep you around cause you're a wimpy little pussy licker that I can abuse. If want cock..I go to a REAL man"

    She whispered in his ear.

    "And not a little sissy slut likes you. Someone I can laugh at. Someone that amuse me and what a little slut you are. Think I been too nice. Think you having been pulling your weight around here. While that will change. Going to trick you out your little slut. Consider this your ass training whore. Look at you getting hard from it CUM SLUT" She screamed

    He lost track of time. Minutes seem like hours. He laid there as she pulled out, finish

    "You're two worthless to live" Gianna Said

    She grabbed out a small gun from her cabinet and brought him to his knees. She pointed it at him pulling his hair.


    She pulled the trigger, and it turn out to be a lighter. Gianna laughed. Rico came out applauding. He open the closet to show it been a Hidden Camera.

    "Had one in the kitchen to." Gianna said

    "Can't believe he fail for that speech I gave." Rico laughed.

    "Now where going to fuck again. If you don't finish making our dinner by the time we finish I will break every bone in your body" Gianna Said

    He whimpered crawling away.

    "Bitch" Gianna Said."Now Rico where were we?"

    The End - To see sexy drawing I paid for, Art, and ask for customs

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    I'm really loving this site, especially this site. Is this your own story lilguy? You are a good writer! Have you tried talking to some publishers about this? How about building your own website with lots of these. I will surely be one of your fans.

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    Re: Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom

    yea it my story
    never though I having a website, but wrote other place. And got paid for story commissions before, but still very much not a proffesional writer - To see sexy drawing I paid for, Art, and ask for customs

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