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Exclusive FreeOnes Interview with Aaliyah Johnson!

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What made you decide to become a model?
I had never planned to become a model. I started dancing when I was younger, and as I went to dance school I needed pictures for my portfolio to promote myself as a dancer. After a few agencies had seen my pictures they said I should try modelling. I had a few catalogue shoots and modelled for teen fashion but I did not really enjoy modelling until I was around 18, as I was then old enough to do glamour work and wear sexy lingerie and outfits. I then realised that was what I wanted to do as a profession.

Do you model full-time? If so, what did you do before this? If not, what else do you do?
Yes I model full time. I previously was a member of a dance troupe for shows, cheerleading and music videos.

Do you have any regrets about modeling?
I have no regrets modelling, but I have done a few shoots in the past that I wish I had not done.

So far, what has your favorite job been within the modeling industry?
My favourite job was when I got to work in Athens with other female and male models for a lingerie brand. It was only a few hours work during the day and then we could lounge around the hotel pool and drink cocktails. It was an amazing place.

Do you do nude modeling? If so, whatís the best thing about modeling nude? If not, whatís keeping you from trying it?
I only do classic nude for publications such as Playboy. I do not want to go further than that as I feel I will be moving into a different category and I am happy with the work that I do now.

Whatís the funniest thing youíve seen while working so far?
I was recently on a shoot in the Canary Islands and had reached the nudist area. I felt ok being there as other people were naked and it wouldnít matter that I was doing a shoot topless. Within minutes of doing the shoot there were nude guys coming out of nowhere and were playing with themselves whilst watching me. I was so shocked but could not stop laughing as had never experienced anything like that before.

Have you had any really embarrassing moments that youíd like to share with us?
I once had a bad hair day and was in a rush to go to work, so I put a wig on. It looked quite realistic and I was hoping no one would know. When I arrived at the studio, the makeup artist wanted to curl my hair but I said that I had extensions and would damage them, so luckily she left it. When I began my shoot the photographer put the wind machine on and it was so powerful that it blew my wig off. The photographer even managed to take get a snap of the wig in mid air. I was so embarrassed as everyone thought it was my real hair. I had no way I could style that one out!

Whatís the best part of your job? The worst?
The best part of my job is that each day is different. I get to travel to so many different places and meet new people all the time. The worst part is always having to look good. Sometimes itís a struggle to look sexy in front of the camera if youíre not in a good mood or if you feel unwell. It shows in pictures when youíre not feeling good.

Do you plan on trying anything else within the adult industry?
I studied Media at college and always enjoyed making TV programs. I would like to do more TV work in the future.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? What do they think of your career?
I am currently single because I find it hard to meet a guy who does not get jealous of my job. They seem supportive at first but then get all funny about photographers taking pictures of me and other guys seeing me in magazines. It is really hard work trying to make them feel secure about it. I enjoy having my freedom and I am not in a rush to be in a relationship.

Do you have any pets?
Not right now. I used to have 4 cats in the past but not all at the same time. I really want a fluffy white Persian kitten.

If you could travel to one place right this instant, where would you go?
Bora Bora. I have never been but I have seen it in a few films and looks amazing. I love tropical places.

What kind of car do you drive?
Black Mazda RX8

Do you have any interesting hobbies?
I draw sexy pinup girls and portraits, I love shopping Ė I collect bags, shoes and jewelry, I enjoy dancing Ė ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and street dance.

What food do you absolutely despise?
I like to eat basic fish such as cod, salmon but absolutley hate sea creatures like octopus, squid, lobster, crab, muscles. They really scare me.

What is your pet peeve(s)?
I hate it when I make plans with people and they donít like to confront me to say that cannot come, so they tell me they are coming and then on the day/night they donít show up. When I try to call them they turn their phone off. Then I donít hear from them for a few days or weeks whilst they make up a dramatic excuse. I donít understand why people just cant say no. I also donít like it when people smoke near me! I hate it when my hair and clothes smell of it. I always like to smell fresh, especially my hair.

What is the last book that youíve read?
Derren Brown Trick Of the Mind

Whatís your favorite season?
Summer. I hate wearing thick layers of clothing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?
I never like to plan things as it doesnít usually happen. I like to take things as they come and see where I end up. I find new opportunities from time to time, so we shall see!

Is there anything else youíd like visitors of FreeOnes to know about you?
I am a very down to earth person and enjoy to talk to lots of different people. I will always return visitorís emails ;-)

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