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Joanna Bliss

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[B][SIZE=4]Today's update at Scoreland - Joanna Bliss: Garden Girl[/SIZE][/B]:boobies:
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Joanna Bliss aka Joana Bliss, Natural Joanna.
Joana goes the country girl way to tend her garden. She makes a great country girl. In fact, Joana is great in anything she does. And how does Joana's garden grow? If Joana's world-famous big boobs are a sign, then her garden does grow very nicely.

Mr. P.B. recently wrote V-mag about Joana and only about Joana.

"This beautiful and busty woman truly is like a fine wine. She only gets better with time. Her return was the same for me. I know Joana, sadly, doesn't fuck on film, but she has to be a prime contender for the Model of the Year contest. If it were up to me, I would not even have a vote and hand the award to Joana outright. I haven't been fortunate enough to travel out of out of the country yet, but when I do, I plan on visiting Romania. I may be wrong about this, but it seems like the best and bustiest ladies in the world are from there. And frankly, I have to say I am okay with her not doing hardcore scenes. I know this will probably hurt her chances of winning Model of the Year, but to me, it is a non-issue. I love watching Joana fondle her tits and play with her tight pussy. I like imagining being the one to pleasure her instead of watching someone else do it. Would I jack to Joana if she did fuck on film? Of course, but there are certain benefits we can claim from not watching her fuck, too. Count me as one hoping she takes claim to what should be hers."

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It's time for Joana to tend her garden. However, she needs to get comfy. No one will mind if she removes her body-hugging garments. She feels so much freer that way, closer to nature. Joana is every inch the nature girl. If she was born a couple of generations ago, she would have been a hippie flower child, running naked in the field with a garland on her head.

Always something of a real mystery girl since The SCORE Group trekked to Romania ten years ago to photograph new models and was introduced to her, Joana has a cult following of loyal fans. Joana deserves a huge salute for her modeling longevity.

Joana is a very quiet girl, one of the quietest our staff has ever met. That's why she's considered the mystery girl. Even so, with Joana's exquisite face, body and boobs, she can be as quiet as she prefers. It adds to her mystique.

Normally happy-go-lucky, Joana is exceptionally exuberant in "Garden Girl." A good smiler since the beginning when she was photographed in Romania and in Spain, Joana is really beaming here. Her face is lit up in most of the pictures. She's up for V-mag's Model of the Year. Good luck to her and all the other contestants.
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