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Exclusive FreeOnes Interview with Christine Vinson!

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So when was your first actual porn shoot?
I am a model, so I have not done any porn. However, I have had some fun scenes with some hot girls!!

How was that? Did it feel weird or really good?
Playing with beautiful women is always exciting. There is a certain rush you get from knowing that the camera, and a host of many other onlookers, are present while youíre naked with another woman.

Did or do you have a role model?
My role model was probably a combination of a bunch of people that I met on the road that have influenced my decisions along the way. I would say Playmate Devin Devasquez was influential in letting me know that you could make a life for yourself out of this industry. She has been very smart with her decisions and she so well grounded and has a good business sense. I would also say that my mom is a role model in my life as well.

How did your family and friends take it when you decided to go into the porn industry?
Again, I do not consider myself in the porn industry per say. As far as what I do, my family is very proud and thinks it is great.

Of course we want to know some personal information, whatís your favorite movie?
There are so many movies that I love. I would say I really just like to watch certain people on screen. Some of my favorite movies are Casino, Seven, (anything with Brad Pitt), & Legends of the Fall.

Favorite food?
Strawberries & chocolate

Favorite site? (And you donít HAVE to say ours of course)
Well, of course (he he) and I really think that is a really sexy site!!

Are you close with your fans? And what do you do for them?
I love my fans!! They are like a special part of my life. What a lot of people donít realize is that I do most of the day to day operation of my business on my own. Anything that has to be sent out, like 8◊10ís, etc. has to be done by me, so they always know when they get their stuff that it came straight from me. I also make appearances at conventions, like Glamourcon, where I get to see them face to face. In 2005, my good friend Bobbi Billard and I even went to the hotel bar and had drinks with a bunch of fans from the convention. They loved it!!

Do you remember your first kiss? And how do you remember that?
Wow, I think my first kiss was in 1st grade. It was sweet.

What did you do before you started to work in the porn industry?
Well, before I got into modeling, I had a few jobsÖ.I worked at a video store, I worked for a cellular phone company, & I even worked as a phone salesperson.

What do you do when you come home from work?
When I get home from working, my time is usually spent checking e-mails, checking my website, and then I usually try to relax. Maybe have a nice glass of wine and chill out.

Do you have an active personal sex life? And does your work effect this?
I think I have an active sex life. Since I do not do hardcore sex scenes my sex life is not effected by my work. Although I would say that I have had boyfriends that get pretty turned on watching me playing with another woman, which can add a little fantasy fun in the bedroom!!

You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try?
Hmmm..I would say I like to be on top during sex.

What is your limit with making porn?
Softcore girl/girl is my limit.

Did you ever do something you now wish you didnít do?

Would you prefer lesbian or heterosexual sex?
Heterosexual sex. But I do like to play with naughty girls.

Is there someone you really enjoy working with?
Well, as far as girls go, I have so many favoritesÖ.Tylene Buck, Crissy Moran, Bobbi Billard, Nikki Nova, & many others!!

Whatís been your worst experience on the set?
Well, I was shooting a film for late night cable that ran really overtime and I was pretty much awake on set all through the night and in to the next day. It was pretty tough trying to remember lines and act when you canít keep your eyes open.

And the weirdest or funniest thing you experienced?
HmmmÖI did a film for PeachDVD where I got to shoot an M-16. That was so much fun!!

And if thereís anyone you can choose to make a movie with, who would it be?
It all depends on the movie and what I am doing. If it is hot girls you speak of me working with, I think that Scarlett Johansen or Jessica Alba would do just fine!!

Do you have any tips or advice to people who want to work in the industry?
I cannot speak on the porn industry. But as far as modeling in the internet/glamour world, I would say go with your gut. Donít let someone take advantage of you because you think you might need their exposure to further your career.

You have a new movie coming out we can all wait for?
I havenít shot any DVDís recently, but I have been shooting lots of pics and video for my website and many other websites!!

And the last question; We all want to know how you see yourself in the future. Any plans?
I am trying to get into more mainstream work. I am hoping to land some legitimate acting jobs in the future. Other than that, I plan to just keep all of you naughty boys and girls out there supplied with plenty of hot pics and videos at my website. Muah!! xoxoxo Christine

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