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Exclusive FreeOnes Interview With Crazy Didi!

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What made you decide to start doing cams?
I use to cam a while back, it seemed like an easy and fun way to make money. When I found MFC I was instantly hooked!

Do you have a daytime job? Or is doing cams your only income?
This is actually my only income

Are you able to make a comfortable living or is it a struggle sometimes in the current economy?
It's hard since im still fairly new to this and still building a clientel, but im confident it will work for me

What’s the best thing about being a cam girl?
Im the boss !

The worst thing about being a cam girl?
Never knowing what to expect money wise.

Does your family know that you’re a cam girl? If so, how do they feel about it?
Pretty much everybody knows yeah, me and my mom are really close I tell her littarely everything!

Do you consider cams to be porn? If not, why?
Not exactly no, we are more like fantasy girls we can be sweet, we can be naughty, we can be all sorts of things !

Do you think you’ll ever move beyond cam shows into other areas of the industry?
I've done a lot of naked pics, had my own website, but caming is truely the best thing for me.

What was your first cam show like? Was it what you expected? If you could go back and do it again, what would you do differently?
I honestly dont remember lol, its been a while :P

What is the funniest thing that has happened while doing a cam show?
I do funny things all the time really lol not to long ago I ran around naked in my house chasing my cat with my dildo im just like that.

If you could change anything about the cam industry, what would you change?
It's not really something I could change but rather something I dislike, rude-arrogante-stupid comments should not be allowed!

Do you think guys that are into cams are more loyal to a cam girl verses a fan of a popular porn star like Lisa Ann? Is it because cams are more intimate?
Yes of course! Because they can interact directly with the girl, get to know us and kind of be a part of our world!

Now for some personal stuff about you…what kind of car do you currently drive? Do you like it or do you wish you could get something else?
I don't have a car, if I did I would have to write up DANGER PLEASE AVOID on it, so I rather not drive! :P

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Candy!!! The sour ones are the best. I love Fireball's to I also have a huge collection of lipsmackers, I have around 200 right now!

If I were to turn on your music playlist, what kind of music would I find?
I have all sorts of music really it actually mostly depends on my mood!

Do you play any games? Board games, video games, role-playing games??
My favorite games are the naughty role play ones

Have you ever been out of the country you were born in? If so, where have you gone? If not, where do you want to go?
I lived in Florida for a couple years. I go to Maine every summer and will be visiting New-York city in a couple days!

What is your bedtime ritual?
I love to check out other girls on MFC, dont know why I always do it before bed, its either that or a movie :P

Do you care about politics at all? If so, what are your predictions for the 2012 US election.
Honestly I dont give a **** lol

Do you have a favorite book or author? If so, what is it?
Only books I've read are Patrick Senecal !

Are you going to enter Miss FreeOnes 2013? If so, why do you think fans should vote for you and not another cam girl?
I don't usually participate in any competitions, every girl is pretty in her own way.

Is there anything else you’d like our FreeOnes visitor to know about you?
Im natural, authentic and a shit load of fun ok and maybe a tiny bit addictive

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