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2006-02-05, 19:24
English: This Thread i made so you all can give Info about the DSF sexy Sport Girls.

German: Diesen Thread eröffnete ich um das Rätsel über die Namen zu lösen und Klarheit in die DSF sexy Sport Girls zu bringen.

"DSF-Sexy Sport Clips" Sammelthread

For germans: Hier könnt ihr Namen und die dazugehörenden Bilder angeben.

2006-02-05, 19:26
Lucie Fri. ( She is not Lucie F. / Lucie Francova)


2006-02-05, 20:16
I search this lovely girl:

http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/5006/pdvd0042dd.th.png (http://img133.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pdvd0042dd.png)

http://img452.imageshack.us/img452/5929/pdvd0005iy.th.png (http://img452.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pdvd0005iy.png)

:bowdown: Her name please

2006-02-05, 21:44
Tereza Brettschneiderova or Tessa Johnson (http://www.freeones.com/html/t_links/Tessa_Jonson/)

But I'm starting to think she has another name too...'cause you find almost nothing...

2006-02-06, 11:51

My old Lucie Francova Thread.

2006-02-07, 16:37
Tereza Brettschneiderova or Tessa Johnson (http://www.freeones.com/html/t_links/Tessa_Jonson/)

But I'm starting to think she has another name too...'cause you find almost nothing...

Are you sure???

2006-02-07, 18:24
more of lucie fri, please. she looks hot.

2006-02-07, 19:23
Are you sure???

yap, pretty sure...

2006-02-15, 19:02
more of lucie fri, please. she looks hot.


2006-03-31, 09:30
Lucie F.

She is a DSF sexy sport clips girl too:


2006-03-31, 09:33
And one more sweet DSF sexy sport clips girl...


2006-03-31, 09:35
Anetta Keys


2006-03-31, 09:47
This site is only about the DSF sexy sport clip girls, but it´s hard to find out the names of the girls. Mybe 30 - 40 % we know (names). They are so hot!
Lucie Fri. is the best!

So, here - this site is about the DSF sexy sport clips girls:

(but you will never find out who they "all" are, names and stuff, because there are each month 10 more girls on this tv show...


2006-03-31, 09:50
P.S. : and there are about 100 DSF sexy sport clips girls in this great tv show. iI have the list, but you habve to register, so its not so smart to give you a link.

I try to make a new list of this girls

2006-03-31, 17:36
Who is she?

2006-03-31, 17:41
DSF sexy sport girl - Amira Hazine

2006-04-01, 05:33
DSF sexy sport girl: Lenka Horakova


2006-04-02, 21:01
Tereza Brettschneiderova or Tessa Johnson (http://www.freeones.com/html/t_links/Tessa_Jonson/)

But I'm starting to think she has another name too...'cause you find almost nothing...


2006-04-02, 21:49
say what?

2006-04-03, 08:12
another name

How many names do one girl got? 100? 1.000? 10.000? 100.000? It is not smart to have so many names, not @ all!

2006-04-03, 17:17
Tereza Brettschneiderova
(naked trailer girl)


2006-04-03, 18:53
Ya...Brettschneiderova...that was it! She plays in EuroTrip one of the HappyDjus Girls!

2006-04-12, 18:51
oh really...

2006-04-13, 06:27
This are some DSF sexy sport girls:

Andrea Chuchvalcova
Andrea Hercogova
Andrea Aismanova
Andrea Torres
Aneta Kormen
Anetta Keys
Anita Queen

Elena Nikulina
Emilija Dangalova

Picture of Jessica May:

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2006-04-26, 09:43
Maybe someone here could help me.
I´m searching for a girl named Zdenka Kucerova (aka Trixy), she can sometimes be seen on DSF at night, in clips at the shooting range.
I haven´t found any pics on magic Teapot oder Askjolene, and there ain´t any pics of her on freeones.

2006-07-18, 15:47

Ich search the name of following GIrl:

Can somebody tell me who this girl is?

thx, Koffee

agent east
2006-07-25, 21:59

this girl is Dorothy Black, you will find alot about her.


2006-08-04, 15:33
more Tereza Brettschneidrova

2006-08-17, 09:14

who is girl next to Susana Spears ?

2006-08-17, 09:20
and about Lucie Fri

i found 2 vids of her on bearshare ( p2p ) but its sexy sport clips both . 1st is from 1st picture that bluff posted . and 2nd with gorgeous i searching for :)

2006-08-17, 09:43
There is this brown haired girl of episode 1304, shes got 4 navel piercings and 1 tongue piercing, anyone knows a name?

2006-08-18, 17:46

2006-08-19, 07:16
damn , anybody knows guys ?

2006-10-03, 13:08
kk i just figured out more, shes got 4 belly piercings 2 tongue and 1 clitoris, shes also got a tatoo on her right arm.. i gonna post some pics later, maybe u guys can find it out then ^^

2007-02-04, 02:15
Zdenka Kucerova - Trixy

2007-06-22, 19:11
There wa a list of the DSF girls, but I don´t find it anymore. The DSF sexy sportz clips girls are porngirls you all know from freeones and stuff, but they were used for a show on tv late at night. Nothing hardcore. Softly erotic. Soft erotic were the girls don´t show everything is almost nicer. just everytime to see a pussy near to the camera is not very hot, not all the time.

2007-06-22, 19:21
Who is she?

yes! this girl i also search since years! who knows who this girl is???

2007-06-23, 08:31
The List - DSF Sexy Sport Clips Girls

Amy Easton (aka Edita, Terru, Olivia) 103.1 107.1 135.1 156.2 174.2 Andrea 117.3 121.2 124.2 Andrea Hercogova (aka Andrea, Alexandra, Venus, Zara Lindner) 113.2 124.1 Andrea Torres 105.1 Anetta Keys (aka Aneta Smrhova, Adriana, Alana, Aneta Brawn) 132.1 145.2 160.2 Angelika (aka Angel) 123.3 Anita Queen (aka Bellissima, Elis, Alena, Alexandra) 143.1 150.2 164.3 176.1 Ann (aka Emilija D., Anni, Ginna) 106.1 118.2 Ashley Robbins (aka Jana Semradova) 118.3 144.1 Barbara Summer (aka Barbara Summers, Barbora H.) 148.3 170.2 Boni (aka Ivana) 173.3 Claudia 149.3 153.3 Daniella Schiffer (aka Dana J., Daniella, Danielle) 113.1 116.2 125.3 134.3 178.2 Dita 102.2 121.1 125.3 161.3 Elena Nikulina 162.3 178.2 Erika 146.3 153.1 Hana Slavickova (aka Hannah, Melissa) 118.1 127.1 164.1 Ivana Chlumska 132.2 Iveta Rucka (aka Iveta) 104.2 117.1 147.2 175.1 Jana Lauerova 110.1 117.1 Janet (aka Jana Sujanova, Janet S., Federica) 129.2 142.3 Jassika (aka Jassica, Jessica, Eliska, Eliska P.) 143.2 Jitka 111.2 113.3 123.1 134.3 174.3 Katerina Hovorkova (aka Adelina, Adeline, Kelly, Kelly H.) 127.3 133.2 Katerina Valentova 150.1 155.2 Lea De Mae 153.3 156.3 168.2 172.2 Lenka Horakova 148.2 163.1 166.1 Linda (aka Olga, Olga C., Rosa) 120.3 135.3 144.2 Lisa 151.2 167.2 Lucie Francova (aka Lucie F.) 101.3 104.1 112.3 120.2 138.3 141.1 155.1 160.1 163.1 165.1 Luisa de Marco (aka Zuzana, Susana Muchava, Romana, Bianca) 160.3 167.3 Marketa B. (aka Marketa, Dajen, Diana, Deborah, Jenny) 133.3 Michaela Fenclova (aka Mia, Minka) 132.3 147.3 177.2 Michaela Kucerova 166.2 Michaela T. (aka Valery, Natalie T.) 111.1 128.3 Morgan 126.1 158.3 161.1 Nicol H. (aka Katka, Katka Henesova) 119.2 126.2 129.3 134.3 137.1 144.1 145.2 178.1 Olivia De Treville (aka Eva Nonis, Eva-Nera, Eva) 118.1 122.1 133.1 136.1 149.1 173.2 Petra (1) 117.2 142.1 Petra (2) (aka Zdenka Valenova) 150.3 170.3 Romana Kunova (aka Kristy, Kirstey, Romana, Patty, Joy) 109.1 Sara L. (aka Lenka L., Sussia) 134.1 142.3 Sarah K. 141.2 153.1 175.3 Sharon Babe (aka Sharon, Anna K.) 115.2 118.2 Susana Spears (aka Mercedes) 114.3 119.1 120.1 139.2 142.2 155.3 157.3 159.3 164.2 166.3 169.1 171.3 Tereza Brettschweiderova 116.3 125.1 138.2 144.3 Terri 149.2 153.2 163.2 Ursula 146.1 157.3 174.1 Veronica Hanakova (aka Roxy Carter, Nastassja, Alena, Nancy,) 111.1 115.3 Veronica Vanoza 111.3 135.2 173.2 Veronika Stefankova (aka Rachel, Jennifer, Veronika, Franziska) 107.2 112.2 124.3 168.1 Vladka 125.2 127.3 Zdenka Kucerova (aka Zdenka, Trixy) 104.3 115.1 122.2 Zuzana (aka Zuzana K., Viki, Zuzka, Caroline) 134.2 174.3 Zuzana Liskova 152.2 Zuzana (3) 138.1

2007-10-21, 04:38
Zdenka Kucerova - Trixy

2008-02-09, 22:33
if anyone is still interested

> Do NOT share full content <

anyway,can someone find this damn girl?
angel aka elvira aka wtf?

2009-05-03, 11:05
Does anyone know the ladies who appear in the adverts on DSF, Das Vierte and so on?


2009-05-06, 13:12

2009-05-27, 21:24
Anybody knows who is the chick with very big breast and two tattoos in the back, and one in the arm?

She appears in the dsf clips, Academy06 for example.

2011-04-22, 10:22
Guys, Does anyone know of a girl that apeared in the adds of the channel DSF, during "Sexy Sport Clips".
It's bee years since I havent seen that channel, but...I think it was a video adds for a cellphone.
The girl in the video was a beautiful blond, with busty tits, blue/green eyes, and she was in a black leather coat. Then she removes the coats and heads for the bath tub, where she takes a bath with a jar filled with milk. The bathtube becomes filled with milk, and she start to play around. does anyone know anything related to this? (I'm not sure, but I think there was a dandi/dandy.de/com or something like that.

If anyone knows about this plz reply.