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2003-11-18, 12:19
Smokin Teen any links to her.

2005-01-11, 01:19
You rule man! Come on experts out there who is this chic that has been tormenting me...I am in total love with her!! :thumbsup:

2005-01-11, 01:42
Fellas -- Enough with the pre-pubescent girls!! This is an adult site!

2005-01-11, 01:50
For your information she has been in magazines that have a disclaimer that says all models are over 18 years of age. How about enough of your ignorant alegations. By the way she is naked and legal guess thats adult enought for me

2005-01-11, 02:15
She is also sucking her thumb...
Ones moral constitution may not be based solely on age, but also on the desired age projection of the site presenting the model.
(Besides, I think LifeIsGood was making a joke.)

2005-01-11, 02:19
sounds to me like a lot of hypocresy....beside if you don't know where to find more pics of this hot chic, then stop talking crap about it...this was seen and approved by the mods if there was any foul play they would have not allowed it...By the way I did not even noticed her sucking her thumb....guess thats more of your liking( relax just kidding)