View Full Version : Leah-any other names she goes by??

rock hard
2010-04-09, 16:32

I am still refining my own search abilities, but I am getting nada on this hotties body of work (pun intended). Anyone seen her before?? :hatsoff:

*update* found her all over the front page from the site the above linked pics are from.....all recently updated...she might be new to modeling :dunno:

Connor Macleod
2010-04-10, 01:29
On that site, she is known as Leah and she isn't new. From what little I could find, she has been modeling on that site since at least December 2008.


rock hard
2010-04-10, 01:57
Thank you :hatsoff:

I am trying to pay attention and learn how to find them on my own..I used the sites you linked on another thread you helped me on....but I just could not find her.

Perhaps one day I will be able to search them out as good as you.....then again perhaps not.....there can be only one....right??!! :D

Thanks again for the help :)

Connor Macleod
2010-04-10, 02:31
there can be only one....right?!

According to the movie, yes. :D


As for searching, everyone develops their own methods and there are many on here that do better than I do and on a few, I'd like to learn some of their methods. As for my own, some of these sites may help:

The following are ones I use when looking for ones that are mostly European:

TinEye is a MUST use when searching: http://www.tineye.com/

A number of sites are in a foreign language, so this helps: http://translate.google.com/#

Internet Adult Film Database - http://www.iafd.com/

Internet Movie Database - only when searching for celebs - http://www.imdb.com/search/

Google - http://www.google.com/advanced_search?hl=en

Google Pics - http://images.google.com/advanced_image_search?hl=en

I also use the Bellazon and FMD forums if I'm looking for ID's on what most would call supermodels. Those two sites have done well for me.

PeachyForum is one site I use often, but only for the content. Their search utility is awful and their ID request page is pathetic. Their rules are far too strict,
1 request per 24 hours, NO BUMPING AT ALL, but what really irks me is their mods routinely delete posts that actually have valuable info. Example: Once, one of their mods mis-ID'd a girl and I posted the correct ID. The mod deleted my post, so I re-posted the ID and he deleted it again. I re-posted it a third time and he actually deleted the entire thread!

I also use a number of other methods, sites, etc.

Lastly, don't forget to rep!

rock hard
2010-04-10, 02:49
Thanks for all the 411....I will look into using them :)

And I tried to give you some rep when you first answered my inquiry..and got a pop up saying to spread it around before giving you more rep :dunno: I gave you some rep 4 days ago when you helped me with another ID..there must be some kind of cool down timer or something. But I have noticed we cross paths in a few threads I am subscribed to...I'l hook ya up :) :thumbsup:

2011-11-15, 16:05
Her name is Leah Linton, a british glamour model.