View Full Version : Blonde with a mole just above her lip and two tattoos chinese writing/tribal tattoo..

2008-06-15, 14:24
does anyone know who this pornstar is Im looking for a video of this girl
she has blonde hair with a mole just above her lip on the right side of her face and she has two tattoos one on her lower back a tribal tattoo the other of some sort of chinese writing between her shoulder blades she went by the name "Rochelle" in one video but i cant find the clips to it can anyone help me does anyone know who this sounds like?

2008-06-15, 19:48
The description sort of matches Rachelle Devore (http://www.iafd.com/person.rme/perfid=RDevore/gender=f/Rachelle-Devore.htm), doesn't it?

2008-06-16, 08:37
definitely is her !!! thank you very much!!
looking for a specific video of her on this thread if anyone knows id be thankful :D