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Mr Miyagi
2004-10-04, 14:44
On a recent stay in New York I had the dubious pleasure of meeting ex rapper Vanilla Ice, who was staying in my hotel. He seemed ok but Aria Giovanni woulda been more fun.

What celebs, porn or not, has everyone met ?

2004-10-04, 14:53
I partied with The Wailers Band in the mid 1990's. They still tour and keep the music of Bob Marley alive, most were original members at that time. Great weed. :party:

2004-10-04, 15:01
The Prez
George Bush

Willie Nelson
Dave Matthews
The late great Kurt Cobain (years ago before Nirvana became big)

Owen and Luke Wilson
Billy Bob Thorton
Edward Norton
Dave Letterman
Drew Carrey
Robin Williams
Matt Dameon

Porn Stars:
Monika Hajkova(MIller) ...(WOW, the Penthouse Cub in Dallas)
Jenna Jameson.....(Vegas baby, I love her)
Sunset Thomas
Tera Heart
Alyssa Alps (My first tit bar experience....Years ago)


2004-10-04, 15:14
billy bob thornton is someone i would really like to meet.

...and John Travolta cuz we both share a love of flight.

i haven't really met any celebrity

Mr Miyagi
2004-10-04, 16:24
Nice one LoneStar....that lot would make a pretty good cast list on a movie.

lol...and I thought Vanilla Ice was good !

2004-10-04, 17:30
Pornstars>>Belladonna,Jessica Darlin,Janine,Jewel d`nyle///.And being that im the vocalist in my underground metal band,ive had the honor of meeting some of the very best in xtreme music>>>>Marduk,Mortician,Cannibal Corpse,Impaled,Immolation,Hate Eternal,Nile,Anal Blast,Disgorge and Napalm Death.


2004-10-04, 18:15
Not a bloody one.

2004-10-04, 20:23
I've met:

Kane Hodder(Jason)
Doug Bradley(Pinhead)
Bill Moseley(Chop Top)
Tom Savini
George A. Romero

I'm a horror geek

2004-10-04, 21:03
Yeah, Billy Bob Thorton was super cool. I have a lot of respect for him.
I met him at private screening of The Alamo.

I guess my list would be a good cast list.:D


2004-10-04, 21:06
Bob Dole came to my school 8 years ago to talk that was the best

I live in LA i see celebs all the time not that big a deal
Although Tera Patrick and Gauge were the 2 coolest pornstars i met

2004-10-04, 21:12
I've met a couple of hockey players when they were young... so technically they we're not famous yet, but still...
I dont think you know any of them, but i've talk once with Patrick Roy... probably the best goaltender that ever play in the NHL.

I've met a few famous people in Quebec, so i think that make them celebrities for you guys ! ;)

2004-10-04, 21:43
Ive met the Undertaker at a WWE event once! :wave2:

2004-10-05, 07:05
Originally posted by Brino
Ive met the Undertaker at a WWE event once! :wave2:

Wich one ? The american badass or the deadman ?

2004-10-05, 14:10
I have meet the ultimate warrior he worked out at a gym neer my highschool. he was very funny and drove around in a huge blazer with his picture painted on the sides.

i also just met Paul Newman in a restruant in Portland. that was really cool i think he is one of the greatest actors EVER!

I met Kerry during the primaries when he came to arizona.

and last but not least i met Clint Howard, ron howards little brother

2004-10-05, 16:30
Bill Murray and Billy Crystal the time they were at the comedy festival here ages ago.

2004-10-06, 00:30
Willie nelson
All of the 3-6 mafia if anyone knows who they are
Luther Campbell (Luke Skywalker of 2-Live Crew)
Lisa Marie Pressley (what class do you put her in)

Tons of them, here are some of the popular ones
Emmitt Smith
Rex Grossman
Fred Taylor
Steve Spurrier
Michael Jordan
kareem abdul jabbar
kareem abdul jabbar (the football player)
latrell sprewell
Charlie Ward
Alan Houston
Mark McGwire
Edgar Renterria
Rick Ankiel
Chipper Jones
Greg Maddoux
John Smoltz
75% of the Memphis Grizzles
And my most memorible

Porn Stars
Shay Sweet
Shelbee Myne
and about 100 of them in my wet dreams ;)


2004-10-06, 00:36
Oh yeah

A ton of WWE or old WWF wrestlers since Memphis is one of the starting places for them or it's kinda a haven for the has-beens of wrestling.

Oh yeah another porn star who was working as a valet for wrestling.

Jasmin St. Claire

If I didn't know she was such a wonderful hardcore, nasty, cum swolling, anal taking pornstar, I would look at her like an average slutty looking girl. But seeing her on the vids, I knew she was more than an average slutty looking girl... she is a wealthy slutty looking girl who makes money with her talents.

Mr Miyagi
2004-10-06, 05:16
I also met the 1982 Northern Ireland football/soccer World Cup squad when I was in school. Not really something to boast about unless you are from Northern Ireland !

2004-10-06, 17:49
i met Blind Guardian a couple of years ago. They were all really cool. Being from Germany they didn't say a whole lot though.:cool:

2004-10-07, 02:19
Originally posted by bigdan1110
Wich one ? The american badass or the deadman ?

American Badass, and believe me the guy is just plain scary in real life! :eek:

2004-10-07, 02:21
i bet

2004-10-07, 10:06
I met Jeff and Matt Hardy a while back before they went to the WWE. They were wrestling at a National Guard armory close to Raleigh NC. They were pretty cool guys.

2004-10-08, 15:34
i havent met any celebs but i have met a few bands and they are
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lacuna Coil
Lamb of God

2004-10-28, 23:10
Jerry Springer, Frank Majors , Leslie and another stud from club Sandy, Lenka Gabrova, thee Chasey Lain, David Beckham's uncle, the announcer for the ATL Braves, Audrey Hepburn's sister, Annika Sorenstam, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, others and Debra Lafave:scream:

2004-11-07, 14:52
Can't say I've truely met any of them.

Actually, if y'all consider Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns a "star", I played against him in high school. One game, final of the North Shore Invitational. Final score = Nash's SMU team - 101, my overmatched team - 48.

Somehow, my two other celebrity brushes were basketball related as well.

Two times, sitting at the table next to me were NBA coaches.

In Seattle, George Karl and family dined after a Sonics game.

And it was coach Larry Brown and family when I was in Boulder, Colorado a few years back.

Now "meeting" a true porn star would be the ultimate!

2006-02-08, 00:02
I may have met one. 5 years ago I was bagging groceries for this man who had a slick Tar Heels jacket on. I told him that he looked just like Samuel L. Jackson he looks at me and sarcastically says "Yeah. Look like." So then I knew that it was him.:eek: Too bad I did not ask for his autograph. I was a little embarrassed.:anonymous Now it is very rare to have any celebrity come up here to Alaska, so it may have been my last time I'll see one.:cry:

2006-02-08, 00:43
I met Rodger who was on Survivor: Australia.

I think I mentioned this before...but Amee Donovan is from the area of Ohio where I live. I didn't meet her, but saw her out in public here once.

2006-02-08, 02:44
Jenna Jameson in Vegas.

2006-02-08, 03:04
When I was younger, I met Lee Greenwood, the man who made "God Bless the USA".

2006-02-08, 04:20
Lenny Henry (comedian)
Telly Savalas
Ronnie Wood
Bobby George (darts player)
The Queen (during Trooping the Colour - I was a kid at the time though, so my memory of the meeting is rather spotty)
Roy Ayers
Flora Purim
Ian Lavender (Private Pike from Dad's Army)
Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC MP

2006-02-08, 14:58
i met Mr T when i was much younger and michael jordan, too.

2006-02-08, 15:02
Chris Shiflett (http://www.answers.com/topic/chris-shiflett?method=22) (Foo Fighters guitarist)

his other band "Jackson United" were playing a little venue here in Manchester last summer.
was really weird, only about 30 people there.
was at the bar and he came to get a drink and just had a little chat with him... really cool guy

2006-02-08, 15:10
Jack Duckworth of Coronation Street
Geri halliwell
Mani from Stone Roses
Mick Jones from the Clash

2006-02-08, 15:15
Pantera when they opened for Skid Row in '91 I think it was. Still have their autographs somewhere.
Alice Cooper in '90.
My big brother met Metallica in '83. We taped their autographs on the back of our Kill 'Em All vinyl and yes I still have that as well.

2006-02-08, 15:16
Jenna Jameson in Vegas.
Did it go well ?

2006-02-08, 15:41
I've actually been very lucky or unlucky in how you look at it. my very short list.

My personal favorite - Rob Zombie, after talking to him for awhile, he signed a laser cut metal skull to me which I had mounted

Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Clint Eastwood
Dennis Quaid
Dan Ackroyd
Danny Glover
Ruben Blades
Billy Bob Thornton
Eric Estrada
The Coen brothers
Charlie Sheen
Dana Delany (so hot in person)
Parker Posey
Lezza Gibbons

2006-02-08, 16:59
Havent met any famous people...
Number one person i would want to meet would be Al Pacino

2006-02-08, 17:34
The previous local mayor and a local talk show host.
I've also met a couple of soccer players and musicians. All local though so names would be useless.

2006-02-09, 08:32
I have met jazztrumpeter Clark Terry and Duane Loken (sp?) from How the west was won.
Other than that I havenīt met any international celebrities.:(

2006-02-09, 08:57
i havent met any celebs but i have met a few bands and they are
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lacuna Coil
Lamb of God
DevilDriverCristina Scabbia is hot :)

2006-02-10, 02:21
Did it go well ?
Yeah she was really nice. :cool:

2006-02-10, 23:28
Where do you think you will live to actually meet the most celebs, not just meeting them but really conversing with them.

2006-02-15, 09:30
I've met some including:

Trevor Horn
Neil Tennant
Chris Lowe
Englebert Humperdink
Freddie Starr
Boy George
Eric Bristow

2006-02-15, 10:04
I have a good for you
Sheena De Janeiro
She was a xxx actress for years and she's also a stripper.
She's the owner of a strip club 5 minutes from my home,so I get to see her often.She doesn't dance mutch anymore but she's always around and a beautifull site to see. Her Club was named 5th best in the country in 2003 or 2004 by the magazine Club Confidential (porno mag for those who don't have it in your country)I have like 350 magazine from club,club international,and club confidential here so ,I am not sure about 2003or2004.
Have a good day guy's and keep Freeone alive.
Just thinking of Sheena,I thinks I'll go for a beer tonigth.:rolleyes:

2006-02-15, 10:33
I was lucky enough to work for my local TV station (Granada in Manchester), so I have met quite a few. Here are my top 5:
1. Robbie Coltrane
2. Cat Deeley
3. OJ Simpson
4. Sean Ryder
5. Jo Guest

2006-07-10, 17:45
Any of you Brits know Steve Penk ? (capital radio, does those TV-Nightmare shows...)
anyway, served him at work today :D

and also, i have partied with the CKY crowd (all the band, Raab Himself, and even Phil & April Margera)

2006-07-10, 17:50
James Spader (Had a couple beers with him, a very cool guy)
Terry Bradshaw (a dick)
Jason Priestly (oh joy!, but he does race cars)
Barry Sanders (quiet and very cordial)
Dave Grohl (was married at the time to a girl I went to high school with)
Teri Weigel (got a dance from her, nothing exciting to report)

2006-07-10, 18:12
Soccer star Pele, Mick Jagger,(from across the room) Carrot top, Dave Justice, Johnny Hart and Brant Parker (cartoonists) and Angela Devi...Just kidding on that last one...probably a dream.