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2008-03-18, 16:18
What is it called when a girl gets you off by rubbing her cunt on you, but with no insertion? Thanks in advance for your response.flylickerflylicker

Eric Lindros
2008-03-18, 16:30

I realy don't know, I think there is no name for it.
I'm curious too.

2008-03-18, 16:32
Dry humping? Or is that only if your still clothed (or she's just dry and not really into you)

2008-03-18, 16:49
I don't know, but all this talk of hot pussy labia is making me hungry

2008-03-18, 17:49
A bad night.

2008-03-18, 18:26
What is it called when a girl gets you off by rubbing her cunt on you, but with no insertion? Thanks in advance for your response.flylickerflylicker

completely naked??? :confused:

1. Grinding
2. Shit out of luck

Peter Gazinya
2008-03-18, 20:11
What is it called when a girl gets you off by rubbing her cunt on you, but with no insertion? Thanks in advance for your response.flylickerflylicker

premature ejaculation?

2008-03-18, 20:18
Dry Hump is the correct answer.

2008-03-18, 20:22
:groans loudly: Even wikipedia wouldnt have an entry for something this..


2008-03-18, 20:36
Dry Hump is the correct answer.

nope. im assuming the girl is naked on you, and with that, im sure that shes wet, so its not dry fucking. thats typically with your clothes on.

im not sure exactly what this is called, but i love it.

2008-07-11, 00:07

2008-07-11, 05:10
Your not getting any tonight job :wave2:

2008-07-11, 08:39
Sounds like TORTURE to me.

2008-07-11, 09:23

2008-07-11, 09:43
true dry is with clothes on.

2008-07-11, 09:48
Sounds like TORTURE to me. Oh hell no.
It's one of the greatest things to be a part of.
I especially love it when a woman uses my face. ;)

A lot of women have difficulty reaching climax via direct intercourse/insertion.
Either that or the male member unloads before she does.
As such, it makes up a large part of the orgasmic routine for women.

I'd be less than honest to say that with my age I'm able to go as long and sustain my erection for the duration my wife requires with direct insertion to orgasm.
She literally prefers 30-60 minutes of continuous intercourse, something I could provide when younger, but not regularly now.
As such, this plays a huge part in our foreplay to get her closer to climax, or if she still does not go in the 20-30 minutes of continuous intercourse, after-the-fact.

I prefer the former, heavily, because I prefer her to go so I "get off" on her quivers.
She can sometimes also go a 2nd time if she unloads early into our intercourse, although I will typically unload myself and then go back to her rubbing for that 2nd time.
I would probably state that she has always rubbed far more than stimulation via direct intercourse anyway, even excluding when I use my tongue or penis (externally) as the object she rubs on, and that has only increased over 15 years.

As she hits her sexual prime, I cannot "keep up" as I'm going the other way, and I fully admit this as I'm a self-aware man.
It's also the reason why if she ever wanted a "young stud" who can provide the same stimulation I did when I was younger, I'd love her enough to give her such.
She deserves such pleasure (and has more than earned it), which is why I also feel there is definitely nothing wrong with a middle aged woman being with a young stud.

In fact, it's almost a natural balance -- her sexual prime (mature) to his (young).

2008-07-11, 09:53

2008-07-11, 09:58
A very attractive girl did this to me a couple of years ago, because it was the first night we had ever met and she didn't want to fuck yet. It was hot because it was such a turn on and I wanted to slide it in so bad. She came, thick white girl goo, all over my cock, then sucked it off. It was incredible. We slept together and i banged the hell out of her in the morning.

2009-05-14, 12:52
We call it "Pussy Jacking"...


2009-05-14, 14:10
a camel toe slide?

Hot Mega
2009-05-14, 14:22
I'll go with "anomaly" on this one:1orglaugh

A bad night.

Dry Hump is the correct answer.

"Dry hump" is with clothes on isn't it?

Either way I can't imagine why a bare pussy would be on my cock between the time I'm wooded to the time I ejaculate and my bone wouldn't find it's way into her massage hole at some point.:dunno:

2009-05-14, 14:34
:groans loudly: Even wikipedia wouldnt have an entry for something this..



2009-05-14, 14:47
It's called turkey. And, frankly, I've had enough.

Lets get to the stuffin'. :D

2009-05-14, 16:09
blueballs for me

2009-05-14, 18:55
a camel toe slide?


2009-05-14, 20:03
Very sad:dunno:

2009-07-09, 06:58
I find this to be fun and exciting. Yes sticking it in is fun but having her on top and watching her slide along the shaft works too. A couple of times I talked a women or two that didnt want actual intercourse into doing this. then when things really get going, you slip in 'by accident' and by then they dont care, they just want to get off. and yes, it requires there to be some sort of lube, be it natural or water based from store.

Dry humping is with cloths on.

this has a couple of different names depending on who you talk to.
--camel toe slide
--pussy slide
--hot dog in the bun

have fun, it usually is.

Doug Warmer
2010-09-14, 14:13
a camel toe slide?

I agree with "Camel Toe Slide"

2010-09-14, 23:00
Not the safest sex, but it sure is fun. Wife and I dove into this regularly well before marriage. Once married we loved the "accidental slip in" as well. ;)

2011-07-05, 21:51
a camel toe slide?

mutual masturbation
non-intercourse sex

Cameltoe Sliding (http://board.freeones.com/showthread.php?t=82610)

The website:
'Her Sweet Hand' has a bunch of this fetish.

2011-07-05, 22:01
I think the correct term is "frottage"-and I'm pretty sure it applies no matter what part of her body she's using. I think the one doing the moving is the "frotteur", and the one receiving is the mark-er, the..uh, "frottee"?

Rey C.
2011-07-06, 13:51

:1orglaugh :clap: